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Author - Speaker
Personal Success Coach!

Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and 
Live Your Dreams!

My passion is working with clients to help them enjoy lives filled with peace, passion, power, purpose, and unusual prosperity.  I can help you turn your dreams and desires into goals and develop effective strategies to have the life you truly want! "The best way to predict the future is to create it!"

You can have the life you desire!  Call me at (541) 342-1030 or contact me by email!  What have you got to lose?


Resources for Your Success!


Personal coaching resources for successWhat is Coaching and Why Should I Have One? Personal coaching resources for successTo Your SUCCESS! is Dr Humbert's New Tape Set!
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Personal coaching resources for success Coaching for Professionals! Personal coaching resources for success Our Index of Top 10 Articles!
Personal coaching resources for success Coaching for Business Leaders! Personal coaching resources for successDownload my FREE Book, "Making Money, Creating Wealth"

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Tax Deductible!

We Have Designed Our Programs and Coaching Services
To Be Tax Deductible for Most Clients!

In the U.S., expenses to maintain and improve your business and professional skills are usually tax deductible.  Please contact your tax advisor for further information.



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