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Welcome to My Absolute BEST Time Management Tool!

Do you want to be more productive? Would you like to use the BEST time management tool I've ever found?

It's simple and it's described below. But, based on teaching this process for over twenty years, my fear is that you won't actually give it a try. The idea is free, the process is nearly free, and the task is simple. Unfortunately, because it's so easy, some people value it as "worth less" and they foolishly run off to  buy the "next big thing." They spend hundreds of dollars on "time management seminars" or "productivity software." Bosh!

Don't be silly! Some people dismiss this as "too easy" or "too simple," but not you! Here's my promise: If you will use this tool for 21 consecutive days, my bet is you'll use it every day for the rest of your life. It's the most powerful productivity tool I've ever found. PLEASE give it a try!

Here's a true story. In the 1870's a man visited Charles Schwab  in his office. He offered Schwab a deal--"I'll give you an idea to dramatically improve your personal productivity. You try it FREE for 30 days and at the end of that time, you pay me what you think it's worth."

The man's suggestion to Charles Schwab? "Select the single most important thing on your calendar each morning and DO NOTHING ELSE until that single item is complete. Then move on to the second most important item, and so forth." Schwab was astounded. He had expected a new time-keeping machine or complex accounting system, but he grudgingly agreed to try the idea.

Thirty days later, Charles Schwab wrote a check for $25,000, a fortune in those days and the equivalent of nearly a million dollars today! For one simple idea!

In his wonderful book, Thinking for a Change, John Maxwell suggests essentially the same process and notes that it transformed Schwab's steel business and made him (at that time) the richest man on earth!

But I know most of the time we either can't or won't choose just one "most important item." We have too many things to do, and too many of them crowd into our daily schedules. Beyond that (and paradoxically), sometimes our "one most important item" is to decide the three things that deserve our attention each day. So, the system below does NOT require you to pick just one!

It requires you to thoughtfully select your TOP 3 TASKS consistent with your most important goals.

This is not easy! It shouldn't take more than ten minutes, but it does require you to focus on your goals each day. Personally, I recommend you do this first thing in the morning. I do it about 6:30 each day, right after I review my day and plan my schedule. Many people, however, prefer to do it at the end of the day, either last thing before they leave work or the last thing before going to bed. Whatever time works for you is fine, just use this process each and every day. I think you'll find your bank account, your customers and your family will thank you!

At the end of the day, the day is done. Throw today's card away and wash it from your mind. Rest easy! Tomorrow is a new day, with a new card! Plan well, jot good notes, put the card in your pocket and trust the system. Your days will be FAR more productive and you'll sleep better at night.

Want to "hear all about it?" Along with teaching this powerful little tool to Corporate clients all over the country, I include it as part of my World Class Life Conference every May in Wisconsin. Here is a link to a 40-minute excerpt from this year's Conference.  Click Here to listen now! (Left-click to listen "live"; Right-click to download and store on your computer.)

Use this simple little system for 21 days, then drop me an email and let me know how it's going!

                                                    Enjoy the Process!

                                                    Philip Humbert, Ph.D.







                    How To Use It  --  Side 1                                                  Blank 3x5 File Card



Write in the day and date at the top of Side 1 and draw a line under it. Write the date out completely as this adds “ritual” and tells your mind this is serious stuff.  Then, turn the card over and complete Side 2.


BEFORE listing your 3 “majors,” turn the card over and complete Side 2 (see below). This is vital to the process!


Only AFTER completing Side 2, list your 3 major commitments for the day – be aware, you will NOT go to bed until these are completed! These 3 items should always be your most important, vital tasks for the day!


Draw a line across the card to separate your “TOP 3” from all your other notations.


BELOW THE LINE – you can squeeze in as many “to do’s” and other items as you can fit. (Hint: If you write really, really small, you can get at least 28 items in here and make yourself really busy—with items of secondary or lesser importance! Choose wisely.)



_____June 9, 2008_____

1, Call Mom for her B-day


2. Design New Website Lay-out


3. Review & Sign Sales Contract


Draft up-graded sales letter

Buy stamps at Post Office

Mow the lawn

Take nap

Balance checkbook

Meet Jane for coffee & chat




                      How To Use It -- Side 2                                                               Blank 3x5 File Card



At the top, take a moment to  PONDER AND DESCRIBE where you are going in life, your major purpose or BIG DREAM. Don’t memorize a pat phrase and simply write the same words each day. (I know you can  memorize 25 words, but so what?) Make it personal and real!


Then draw a line to separate the bottom portion.


Below the line, list two or three of your current projects or 90-day “campaigns.” What are you working on now? What are your next big steps? When finished, turn the card over and complete Side 1 with priority tasks for the day..


Describe your most important long-term goal in this space. ("My major goal is...")  Do this every day, using slightly different, personal language. Make it REAL FOR TODAY!


 1, Get 2 local clients this month

2. Re-build website by end of quarter

3. Lose 12 pounds by my birthday