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Top 5 Areas to Create A Super-Reserve!

Last week, I had the privilege of leading a 4-day teleclass about creating reserves that will meet our needs and support our lives, forever! The goal was to create systems that automatically respond to everything that distracts, worries or confuses us, for the rest of our lives! (How's that for thinking big?) When we are secure and our needs are met once and for all, we are free to live large, pursue our dreams and challenge life on our own terms.

While most of us worry about our shortage of time, money, or energy, and too often focus on working harder to get "enough", these 20 people wanted to go beyond enough, and cruise right past "plenty" to create "Super-Reserves" - a lifetime supply - of all the things that are important to them!

In 4 days, we didn't find all the answers, but we made extraordinary progress and I'd like to share some of my notes with you. There are five essential areas where we must create Super-Reserves if we are to get our needs met once and for all:

  1. Space.   If we don't have enough space for ourselves, and an environment that supports us, we all become claustrophobic. In a "tight corner", we get cranky, we become distracted, and lose efficiency. Most of us are not selfish enough about our space! Clean it up, get cabinets with doors, re-paint the walls and eliminate clutter to make your personal world a brighter place! Open the windows, play better music, get a laptop and work in the park!   When we have enough quality space, life is better!

  2. Boundaries.   Once you've cleaned up and expanded your space, protect it!   Put locks on your doors, get an answering machine, let people know where your boundaries are and be sure they respect them.   Need a block of time for peaceful reflection?  Set it aside and keep your promises to yourself!   It is difficult to live well while permitting others to trespass on your time and space!  I believe it was Gandhi who said, "Today I have so much to do, I must spend twice as much time in meditation."

  3. Self-Care.   Vince Lombardi said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." When we get enough rest, eat well, exercise for the joy of it (rather than "I HAVE TO DO THIS!"), and spend quality time with inspiring friends, we become far more aware of the opportunities around us. It takes a strong foundation to support a tall building…make sure your personal foundation can support your dreams!

  4. Diversification.   I used to be impressed with people who set goals and worked until they achieved them. While I appreciate the value of that approach, I am increasingly aware of the freedom and power that comes with variety.  At any moment, have enough projects on the table that you can walk away from any one (or even several) of them, and still have wonderful, challenging and productive work to do. Being able to change our minds and respond quickly to a new, more exciting opportunity creates a tremendous sense of Super-Reserve! "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

  5. Have Stuff.   One of the quickest ways to simplify your life and expand your Reserve is to buy in quantity, shop efficiently, and plan ahead. Having an extra roll of stamps on hand, a tank full of gas, or a case of toilet paper in the closet can prevent many of life's everyday emergencies! For many of us, a pantry full of food and an extra hour in our daily schedule is a far more critical Reserve than thousands of dollars in our checkbook. Eliminate clutter; make room for plenty of the things you need!

My thanks to all of the participants in the class last week, and may you have a Wonder-FULL week!

Phil, Mary, and the Staff at
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