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Welcome to
"Best Books!"



Welcome to an incredible experiment in personal development! My hope is that together we will read more and better books, achieve more, create the lives we truly want, and do it faster, easier and with more joy!

I read a lot, typically finishing a book every few days. I always take notes (for my own files) and I write a short review of every book I read. Now, I want to share my thoughts and my recommendations about the BEST BOOKS with you! (And, I want the benefit of your recommendations, too!)

Here's how it works:

If you sign up, I will send an email about once a month with my review and recommendation (or not) of several books. My email won't contain all the ideas in a book, of course, but I will try to capture the "core" idea that make the book worthwhile. There's no commitment of any kind, although I hope you'll be an active partner and email your own recommendations and opinions back to me so we can learn together.

In addition, authors are increasingly in charge of their own book promotions and they sometimes "joint venture" to create a package of bonus items that can be worth hundreds of dollars. They promote these packages and give everyone who buys their book on a specific date all those bonuses!

Authors contact me several times a month about these promotions, and frankly, most of the time I decline. But occasionally they are a good deal, particularly when the bonuses are linked to a book that is actually worth reading. A few times a year an author comes up with a package that is an incredible value and you will want to know about them! My job is to sort the "wheat from the chaff." I promise not to waste your time, but I will let you know when I spot true values. And again, this typically happens a few times per year, so your inbox will never be swamped with junk.

How do you join?

Simple. Fill out the form below. You will immediately be taken to a page where you can read a recent edition of BEST BOOKS and you'll receive my weekly newsletter, TIPS, if you don't already. Then every few weeks I'll let you know about the BEST BOOKS I've found. Just fill in the form, click the button, and you'll be part of this!


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