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  1. What is Tele-Learning?
  2. Do's and Don'ts to Make it Work for You
  3. Policies for Clients to Borrow/Rent our Bridges
  4. Click Here to contact us & Reserve Your Bridge Times!

What is Tele-Learning?

Here at Resources for Success!, we are doing an increasing amount of teaching, consulting and coaching on what used to be called "conference calls".  The newer technology is referred to as a "Bridge".  Small bridges allow up to 30 people at a time, while larger bridges can handle up to 150 people!

The system requires only a standard telephone, no internet connections are involved! It is fully inter-active, so you can ask questions, make comments, and participate in the class like any other classroom.

The advantages are huge! You can participate from home, work, even a pay phone! No commuting time or costs! Total privacy -- attend class and soak in your bathtub at the same time!

While still new for many people, tele-learning is rapidly becoming quite common.  Coach University runs dozens of classes every week, and hundreds of other organizations are using it.  My clients use bridges to run groups for their clients, to do in-service trainings, offer workshops, and consult with referral sources and experts.  The uses are limited only by your imagination!

The costs are minimal, as little as $10/hour to rent a bridge!  Participants pay no "sur-charge" or fee for using the bridge beyond the cost of a standard, ordinary phone call.  (Ordinary long distance charges may apply.)

You simply call the bridge number (a standard telephone number) at the assigned time. Bridges require at least two people calling simultaneously to "open" and answer your call, so if you're a bit early, you'll hear the phone ringing on the other end. If that happens, just wait a moment for someone else to join you, or if you're a bit early, hang up and call back 30-60 seconds later. Usually, the class leader will be on the bridge and will welcome people as they arrive (you'll hear a momentary click each time a new person joins the bridge). Within a couple minutes -- just like waiting for everyone to arrive and find their seat in a traditional classroom -- the class will quiet down and the leader will begin the presentation. Relax, listen, ask any questions, and enjoy the learning!

It really is that easy!

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Do's and Don'ts to Make it Work for You:

First, some things you can DO to make learning easier and more enjoyable:

  • Do join the class right at, or just a moment after, the announced start time. (If you're early the bridge won't answer, and being late can be disruptive -- and reduces your learning)
  • Do call from a quiet place! (Turn off the stereo, close the door. Small noises that aren't bothersome on a 2-person call are magnified when 15 people are all contributing "just a little bit" of snap, crackle and pop!)
  • Do use your phone's MUTE button, if it has one. You can always click it off whenever you have a comment or question.
  • Do look for a chance to announce yourself when you join the call. A simple, "Hi, this is Phil from Oregon." lets others know you're on the call, and lets the leader take attendance.
  • Do state your name when you make a comment or ask a question. "This is Phil, I have a question.", or "This is Sue, I just read something about that...."
  • Some class leaders encourage you to just speak up whenever there's a break in conversation, but others will ask you to press a key on your phone when you have a question or comment. This generates a brief tone and is just like raising your hand in a traditional class.

Second, some things to avoid:

  • NEVER eat, drink, or chew gum during a class unless your MUTE button is on!
  • Don't breath into your mouth piece. Some phones are quite sensitive. (There is a time for heavy breathing, but tele-classes aren't it!)
  • Don't use a speaker-phone. The quality just isn't there, either for your listening or for others to hear your comments.
  • Avoid using cordless or cell-phones. The sound quality is getting better, but most are not good on bridge calls.
  • Don't be a "time hog" -- just like any other class, keep comments and questions short and to the point, so everyone receives maximum benefit from the class.

That's all there is to a bridge class! Easy, isn't it?

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Policies for Clients to Borrow/Rent our Bridges

At Resources for Success!, we regularly make our bridges available to others. Our paying clients can use the bridges free of charge, by simply reserving them for the hour(s) they need them. Outside groups and individuals can rent a 30-person bridge for at little as $10/hour (150-person bridges slightly higher). To get started, just send Linda an email with your times and dates, and she'll guide you through the process.!

Our clients use the bridges to:

  1. Teach classes
  2. Do follow-up with current and past clients/patients
  3. Do in-service trainings
  4. Round up a group of friends or colleagues, and find an expert who will teach them what they want to learn -- Customized, just-in-time learning!
  5. Gather colleagues from various clinics together for conferences, staff meetings, etc
  6. Family reunions and chats with groups of friends and former classmates (It's sort of like calling home at Christmas and having both grandparents and your sister all on the extension phones...only better!)
  7. Other things they thought up and I've forgotten!

--  Reserve a bridge for your group or organization!
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Click Here!  Or, if you have questions, let us know.
     We'll get back to you personally.

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