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Philip E. Humbert, PhD
Author - Speaker
Personal Success Coach!

Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and 
Live Your Dreams!



Coaching for Those
Who Dare to Dream Big!


Coaching is about YOU!   It's about your dreams, your sense of purpose, about building and living the life you want.  Dreams are very personal and totally individual.  For some, the dream is about business, for others it's about writing a book or home-schooling your kids.  

Dr Humbert has coached many people whose dreams are "big" and flashy, but even more of us dream of opening a small boutique, raising happy kids, painting some watercolors, or retiring by age 50.  Whatever your dream, you have the skills, tools and the Resources for Success!  A coach can help you unlock them, put them to work, and help you have and live the life you really want!


Your Dream is a Sacred Thing!
Our dreams tell us who we really are.  More than our job or the house we live in, our dreams come from the heart and reflect our deepest longings.  Assuming we all know the distinction between a casual fantasy and a life-long dream (Please don't run off to Tahiti and blame it on this website!), honor your dreams!  Take them seriously.  If we don't honor our hearts and create a life we love, some part of us always asks, "Why not?"

Is it time for you to take action?  The initial consultation is free!  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Examples of Dream Projects Recent Clients Have Achieved:
  • Arrange 9-month Leave of Absence for R&R
  • Career Change:   Nursing to Graphic Artist
  • Create Home-Based Business
  • Leave Agency to Open Private Practice
  • Go to College -- at Age 71!
  • Write and Publish a Cookbook with Recipes from 5 Generations
  • Survive Heart Attack, Lose 60 lbs, and Run 10K Race
  • Open Art Gallery/Photo Studio
  • Pass On Family Business & Retire in Scotland, Age 54
Recent Coaching Clients Say...
"Last year, I just about broke even, and my savings were shot.   By the end of this year I'll bill close to $250,000 in client fees and my income will be over half of that.  You can only imagine what that means for me and my family!  I figure coaching made me over 100 times what you cost!   What a bargain!" -- J.M., Chiropractor in Iowa.

"I've wanted to do this for 25 years.  But I never found anybody who didn't think I was crazy, let alone who would stand by me, encourage me, and believe in me.   Thank you so much! -- G.D., Business Owner in Minnesota

"The doctors, nurses and technology made sure I would live, but it was [our Minister] and you who coached me and helped me believe in myself again.  Without your coaching, I would never have the life I have now." -- D.D., Teacher, Mother, Wife, and Cancer Survivor in Oregon.

"I've wanted my own studio all my life, I just never thought it would happen!   Certainly, not like this!" -- J.C., Grand Opening of Photography Studio, in Oregon   (With over 500 people attending!)

"Since the merger, morale was terrible, and trust was very low.   You helped immensely!   You helped us communicate with each other.   You told me to set clear goals and lead, rather than just manage, and that was brilliant!" -- W.H., CEO/President, equipment sales company, in Wisconsin.

"Life was OK, but I knew I could do a better job both at work and being the mother, well, being the person, I wanted to be.   I can't believe we've come so far in just 8 months!   The kids are happy, my husband's ecstatic, and I'm going to set a sales record this year, even though I worked from home the whole summer!   I tell everybody who will listen about coaching!   It's been great!" -- D.C., busy person in Arizona.

"I always knew I was a great therapist -- I love the work!   But managed care and all that stress with the business and finances was literally killing me.  As you know, I'd about decided to close up and go....   Now, I'm working 3 days a week, making good money, and my life makes sense." -- P.B., Social Worker in Texas.

Ready to Take Action?   It's Your Move, and There's No Risk!
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