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Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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My Gift to You:
The Four Steps to a World Class Life!

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This month's
gift is a free 9-page report on the four essential steps to creating the life you truly want!  It's free, and it will help you define your priorities, clarify your values, and focus on your most important goals. It can literally give you the direction, strategy, power and purpose to transform your life!

Too often we are so busy with the things we "have to do" that we fail to achieve the things we want to do! Don't let that be you!

We've all done "goal-setting workshops." And goals are vital! No question about that. But goals are not enough.

We also need daily systems, support and encouragement to move in the direction of our dreams. Usually, we don't need massive new skills or millions of dollars, or some "miracle." What we need is a way to move from where we are (stress, confusion, frustration, whatever is getting in your way) to where we want to be -- clarity, purpose, achievement and satisfaction.

What most of us want is a "World Class Life." We each have our own set of details--some want fame, some want fortune, some want travel, whatever--but we all want a sense that our lives are fulfilled, meaningful, and challenging. We want our lives to be truly "World Class!" This report can help.

It will also introduce you to our annual conference in Wisconsin, each May. You are certainly invited and you can get more info (and register) at:

But for now simply fill out the little form below and accept this free report as my gift to you.

To get your copy, enter your name and primary (permanent) email address in the form and click. You'll immediately be taken to a page where you can download the report and put it to work instantly. It's easy, safe, and powerful. I urge you to fill in the form, download the report, read it, share it -- and ACT TODAY.

So, What's the "Catch?"

There's no Catch! But I do ask that you share this with your friends and co-workers by sending them to It's easy. You can even copy-and-paste the wording at the bottom of the page (in the box) and email it to them--what could be easier? The report is free and it could save your family years of heartache and pain. Please tell your friends.

How do you get this tool?

Fill out the request form below. You will be taken to a web page with complete instructions--everything you need to get started instantly!-- and you'll receive my free weekly newsletter, TIPS, if you don't already get it. Just fill in the form, click the button, and you'll be part of this!

I Want this Tool to Achieve My Goals
and Create the Life I Truly Want!
I'll gladly send my friends to get their copy!

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  Phil Humbert, President,
The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.



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Iíve been reading a wonderful Newsletter from Dr Philip Humbert, a really great success coach and motivational speaker. Every week he sends one of the best newsletters I've found, one of the few I actually read. It has a warm, personal touch with lots of motivation, great business tips, quotes and even sly, cool humor! This month he's giving away a tremendous tool to help you achieve your goals and create the life you truly want, and it's FREE!. I love it and thought you might find it useful, too. You can get your copy at:  Check it out--I think you'll like it.





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