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 These are links to sites that have agreed to exchange links with me.  Please visit their sites, and let me know what you think!  (Note:  These sites have agreed to exchange links with me, but I do not necessarily know or endorse them personally.)  Thank you! provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet.

Christine Lockmon is a life coach who especially enjoys working with fundraising professionals.  Visit her website to subscribe to her FREE ezines, "Build a Life" and "The Fundraising Coach."

The Motivational and Inspirational Corner  America's motivational headquarters where you'll find motivational and inspirational quotes and stories. Home of the Power Up Passage of the Day and the Power Performance Program.

ChangeYourBody/ChangeYourLife - Teri Pirozzi, Life Fitness Coach, inspiring women to have more success, balance and energy in their professional and personal lives! Coaching, workshops, free fitness success tips and more.  Subscribe to free bi-weekly e-zine.

Fitness Global -Health and Wealth Solutions  You have heard it said "Your health is your wealth". This site tells you how to supplement your immune system and ncrease your killer cells and more. Register now for free bonuses. Wise choices will enhance your health.

David Bates at Tree of Life Coaching. Visit David's website to find out about the Five Elements of Personal Development - the common themes in the personal development literature which when used together are a powerful force for change. Visit : for "Simple, Confidential scheduling and ReScheduling Any Time!"

Alvah Parker is a Work/life coach who helps midcareer professionals who feel uninspired by their work to create a life that is powerful, passionate, productive and playful. Receive a free monthly newsletter and a monthly tip list by visiting her site and subscribing to "Road to Success". Go to

Professional Training Associates publishes career-boosting newsletters for managers, office professionals, Human Resources and the entire workforce. Accept our risk-free trial offer. Be sure to check out our leading admin forum and free career building E-newsletters.

Check out the Burt Dubin Speaking Success System!  You'll find new information on how Burt works with people who want to be speakers - and with speakers who want to be masters. Subscribe to the FREE Speaking Biz Success Letter - You'll be glad you did!

The Tarot School offers live and audio-taped classes, telephone teleclasses and a powerful Correspondence Course. Free Tarot Tips newsletter, info on the NY Tarot Festival, articles, links and more. Degree programs available. For a comprehensive education in Tarot, visit The Tarot School

Need a copywriter, editor or business communications that work? Then please visit Barb Clews website at www.barbclews.comThere are free articles/reports, and be sure to subscribe to the FREE newsletter it contains lots of writing tips.

Alternative Advertising! Doug Davis Offers a Plethora of Advertising Methods to help you make the most of your advertising dollar. If you don't have deep pockets; check him out:

Iain Duguid is an international speaker on life growth. His mission is to help everyone grow and maintain balance in every aspect of their life -  personal, business or financial. His website has two free eBooks along with other useful links and a  great Newsletter.Go to is a friendly resource for anyone with dreams! We've got articles, e-courses, a free newsletter, bulletin boards, and a can-do attitude to share. From Suzanne Falter-Barns, author of the popular book, How Much Joy Can You Stand? is a first-rate consulting firm specializing in growth and profitability strategies. Headed by a friend of mine, Debbie House, they work with business owners and CEO's after they've read all the books by the management gurus and they still aren't getting RESULTS.  WANT TO GET MOTIVATED? Get your free Motivation123 Idea-Kit, as well as free articles and tips for achieving a positive attitude and greater success.

dk&assoc. graphics+ provides creative, fair-priced web design & graphic advertising for small business. Visit their site for specials & discounts and sign up for the FREE monthly newsletter 'dk's difference' offering tips, tricks & news bits to help you see the whole picture.

Career, Personal and Spiritual Development:
 Visit this website for information about how you can define your unique life purpose, identify your career direction and options, and create a plan of action for a life and work you love.  Sessions in person or by phone, sliding scale, FREE Success Night phone classes. Marya O'Malley, certified life purpose consultant, career and spiritual coach.

Visit Laurie Geary's  website  for articles, assessments, newsletters, information on coaching, workshops, teleclasses...and more.  Subscribe to her weekly newsletter:  "Gear Up For Success!" or order one of her booklets: "Games & Initiatives for Networking, Energizing and Team Building", or  "Risk to Win!"

Michael Hinz, Ph.D.
I believe you deserve to live a balanced Life filled with motivation, inspiration, freshness and zest. Walk the tightrope of Life with nimbleness. Free motivational newsletter: "Seize the Day with Spirit" and other articles. Seize the day at:

LifeTrek, Inc. offers coaching and profound provisions for the trek of life.  Through individual and group coaching, workshops, retreats, keynote speaking, and a free weekly newsletter, LifeTrek coaches make a difference to thousands of people.  Subscribe today or Contact LifeTrek for coaching.

Independent Women - please visit our website for Teleclasses, Workshops and Resources to give you more time, love and money in your life! Isnít it time you took as good care of yourself as you do others? Come see how!

New Life Stories contains resources for writers, journalers, and those who live the examined life. Dr. Ellen Moore coaches writers, teaches teleclasses in the psychology of writing, and publishes a newsletter about moving forward with your life. She can help you get that book in your mind onto the page!  Visit her at:

ISM is a management consulting and IT staffing firm whose mission is to be the gateway for IT professionals and executives to create new avenues for fulfillment in their careers, and to help Corporations attract the best talent, and implement 21st century strategies to successfully design and execute key projects.  Please take time to check out the site of Maria Davies, a top life coach in the UK where Life Coaching is gaining popularity.  Maria's site, Ladders Of Success, features inspirational quotes, materials and a FREE monthly newsletter which I can heartily recommend.  Jumpstart your speaking career by signing up for a free marketing ezine at  It's the only one of its kind- published by Cathleen Fillmore, co-author of Going for Gold! A Complete Marketing Strategy for Speakers.

Visit Richard Ross' great Emotional Freedom & Healing website devoted to cutting-edge information and tools to support you in your own healing and transformation.  There's a wonderful free newsletter which includes energy exercises, and regular free introductory teleclasses are listed. And much more!

Career Coaching for You!  Michael Reed offers coaching, teleclasses, and seminars designed to help you live the life you REALLY want.  He'll work with you to discover your dreams, create a plan, and help you achieve it. Visit him at

Is your professional life overshadowing your personal life? Or perhaps your personal life is cramping your career. Visit to see how to integrate you work and your lifestyle to discover your WorkStyle.  merrymentality inspires professionals to dare to be successful.

Susan Bosold in Grand Rapids, MI, is your source for a two-pronged approach to solve your Career and Life Purpose frustrations -- no generic or pre-packaged programs. No contracts for multiple visits or contacts. All coaching, counseling, and testing services provided by myself. Ten years of experience.




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