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Philip E. Humbert, PhD
Author - Speaker
Personal Success Coach!

Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and 
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Coaching for Corporate Leaders and Executives


Back in 1970, at age 20, I dropped out of college to get married, took my two accounting classes and talked my way into a job as Assistant to the Controller of a trucking company in Minneapolis.  A year later the company moved into a huge, new office, with everyone working over a weekend to move their own department. It took me an hour to figure out (A) things were in chaos, and (B) I didn't like moving file cabinets.  So, I planted myself in the lobby and started directing traffic.  That got the attention of the owners; a month later I got a major promotion, and I've been working with and coaching executives ever since.

Effective leaders have absolute integrity, clear vision, and the ability to communicate their vision to others.  As a coach, I work with executives to help you find solutions, implement effective strategies, achieve personal and corporate success, and function at peak performance, which my happy coincidence, often includes a reduction in adrenaline and an increase in the quality of your personal life!  My clients work extremely hard; for many the key is an honest, objective advisor to help them work smarter, with less effort.


Specifics and Focus:

I have worked with a wide range of business and organizational leaders, including the Board of a national educational institute, senior management at a major insurance brokerage, several nationally known educators, and CEO's and managers of a variety of corporations and non-profit institutions.  I particularly enjoy working with "fast track" managers and with the leaders of small-to-midsize companies that are growing quickly.  (Companies with 100-2500 employees, $10-100 million in sales, and growing at 25-100% per year.)


Corporate leaders and managers use coaching to:
  • Cut Through Clutter and Reduce Distractions
  • Flatten Learning Curves and Solve Problems
  • Implement Strategies To Avoid Crises
  • Broaden Perspective and Seize New Opportunities
  • Expand or Diversify into New Markets
  • Personal Performance and Career Development
  • Enhance Personal Earning and Opportunities
  • Plan for Retirement/Career Change
  • Financial and Life-style Planning
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