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Philip E. Humbert, PhD
Author - Speaker
Personal Success Coach!

Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and 
Live Your Dreams!


Coaching for Your Life,
Your Career, and Your Personal Growth!


Once, I knew everything.  I chose a major in college, married my life-mate, thought we'd be together forever and fully expected we would set the world on fire.   Well.  Times change.

Now older, perhaps wiser, and a bit humbled by life, I observe this:  Somewhere between age 35 and 75, many of us get to take a fresh look at ourselves and our goals.   It is rarely pleasant, and we call it a "crisis".   For some, it is a terribly difficult time.  But it is also a gift!

To create a new life that is chosen with the wisdom and maturity of adult experience, is a wonderful thing.   For me, nothing is more meaningful and exciting than coaching an adult who is re-creating their life.   If you have decided to march to the beat of your own drum, to change things that no longer fit, I salute you and offer encouragement.  If having a personal coach will assist, please contact me.   Send Email or contact the office at (541) 342-1030 during normal business hours.


Examples Where A Personal Coach Can Help:
  • Personal Questioning/Growth
  • Seeking New Personal Path
  • Career Change
  • New Business Direction/Opportunity
  • Change in Family Situation: Divorce, New Marriage, Empty Nest
  • Change in Health Status
  • Surviving A Near-Death Experience
  • Retirement Planning & Preparation (at any age!)
Coaching is NOT Therapy!
Sometimes counseling or psychotherapy is helpful, even necessary.  But Dr Humbert never combines coaching, which is "forward looking", with counseling, which seeks to understand and resolve the past.   The following distinctions may make this clear:
  • Therapy is about healing; Coaching is about achievement
  • Therapy is about understanding; Coaching is about action
  • Therapy is about safety; Coaching is about momentum
  • Therapy is about progress; Coaching is about performance
  • Therapy is about protecting; Coaching is about attracting
  • Therapy is about resolving; Coaching is about creating
  • Therapy is about getting closure; Coaching is about creating new openings
Are You Ready to Play This Game?
If you're old enough to realize you don't know as much as you once thought, but young enough to dream big dreams, consider personal coaching.   Bring your wisdom, your learnings from the "school of hard knocks", and your optimism.   Let's get this show on the road!   As the poet once said, "The Best Is Yet To Be!"


Ready to Take Action?   It's Your Move, and There's No Risk!
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