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Our Privacy Policy:
We Respect Your Privacy!

Until recently, sites like ours didn't need a "privacy policy", but with more and more websites collecting what we consider to be personal information about their visitors, we thought we should tell you our policy.  Unlike those "Privacy" statements we get from banks and credit card companies that are legal mumbo-jumbo that actually permit them to share your personal info, our policy is very simple:

We collect almost NO information about our visitors, and what little we do collect is NEVER rented, sold, traded, shared or given to any other person or agency.  That is our PROMISE to you, our valued visitors.

Here are the details:

1.  Like most sites, our webhost uses a program to monitor the number of visitors and "hits" we get each day.  We do NOT attempt to monitor or collect any information about you as an individual.  We have no idea who our visitors are - your privacy is safe!

2.  If you sign up for our newsletter, we ask for ONLY your email address.  We have made a decision to NOT request your name, address or any other info.  We don't need it, so why collect it? And, your email address is NEVER traded, sold, rented or shared with any other person, group, or agency.  We don't spam, and we don't share your email address.

3.  If you purchase a product from us (tapes or a teleclass, for instance) you fill in a secure order form that includes your name, shipping information, and credit card data.  We use that information to process your order, and then it is destroyed.  We do not keep it, and we do not share, sell, rent or trade it with any other person, group, or agency.  NEVER!

4.  We use a "pop-up" window for new visitors that invites them to sign up for our newsletter.  That little java script places a "cookie" on the visitors site for only one reason - if it determines the cookie is already on your machine, it won't pester you with that pop-up window ever again.  The "cookie" does NOT monitor your surfing in any way.  It sends us NO information about you.

That's it.  We collect very little data - none at all from our routine visitors - and we never sell, rent, trade or sell your personal information to anyone.

If you have any questions or want more detail, or just want to talk with us about our policy, please drop us an email any time.  We would love to hear from you!

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