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Speeches and Seminars for Your Conference!!

"Wow, thanks SO MUCH ...How exciting!!  It was lovely to have you join us as our guest, and thanks again for the fabulous job you did with our crew!  They really enjoyed it, and speaking for myself, I found your talk most motivating.  I would have loved to have had a longer timeslot....  

Thanks again so much, Phil - you are a true class act!!  I hope we can entice you back for another of our MBA Cohorts!

Deborah K. Wickins
Manager, MBA Programs
Management Programs Division, Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Road, Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2
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A sponsor has made it possible for me to do keynote addresses, break-out or motivational seminars for a greatly reduced fee.  In some cases, the price could be FREE, with your group paying only for transportation and expenses.

Obviously, I've been receiving lots of inquiries!  Most requests are for speeches, workshops or break-out sessions on inspiration and motivation, leadership, management skills, marketing, and more and more often, on life balance.  There seem to be a core group of questions that always come up, and I've tried to answer them, below. 

When I speak, my intention is always to (1) create excitement and passion in the audience and (2) to provide immediately-useful tools and ideas that make a real difference.  I enjoy creating presentations that are vibrant and effective!  Let's do something special, and create something that is profitable - in every sense of the word!

To be more specific about some common questions:

1) What will you talk about and do in your presentation? 

My passion is talking about human potential.  I understand how and why we choose the limits we place in our lives, and how to help audiences over-come or transform those limitations.  It's not motivational cheer-leading.  I prefer a more common-sense approach to how we design our lives, and how we can make the changes we want to make.  I often talk about "baby steps" - the smallest, safest and easiest steps we can take to actually begin moving in the direction we want to go.  Better to start small and start NOW, than to wait until the "perfect moment" that never arrives!

Another broad set of topics is designing, marketing and building a profitable business and creating what I call the "JoyFULL Practice".  The business side of things has always come easy for me and I love talking about the "how-to-do-it" aspects of attraction, goals, business plans, marketing strategies, and so forth.  Specifically, I enjoy talking about business and leadership, management, marketing and public relations.  These are the things that make or break the organization.  Let's talk about them!

With larger groups - several dozen or more - I usually end up making a "speech", although my style is intentionally informal and open to questions.  I am always well prepared and thoroughly ready, but also casual and warm in my presentation style.

In smaller groups, I prefer a dialogue with discussion and examples.  It works better, and I think more learning occurs by working on real problems and finding real solutions.

2) How do we promote it?  What is our role in this?  What is yours?

The promotion is largely up to you, and is your responsibility.  As for the "how" - that depends on the outcome you want.  

To round up a large public audience, you'll want to work with the local newspaper and radio stations.  I enjoy doing talk-show interviews both on the phone before I arrive, and in the studio while I'm in town.  In addition, remember that you (and your team) can make announcements at the Rotary or Chamber of Commerce, and invite their own clients, friends, and colleagues.  Most professionals belong to a variety of organizations, and have many resources for advertising the event.

With a bit of training (and good promotional materials) professionals can easily bring 10 or 20 people to an event they are truly excited about.  And, to gather a group of professional colleagues for a wonderful day of personal training, sometimes all you have to do is get on the phone, invite a handful of people and ask them to invite a few of their friends.  Groups as small as 10 or 15 can do this quite inexpensively, and it can be surprisingly easy if you design it well and market it correctly.

3) What have other groups done?

I've pretty much addressed this above.  I've had sponsors do everything from spend big bucks to fill a conference center, to others who simply invited their friends and colleagues to spend a day in someone's living room, talking about how to make things better.  Let yourself dream and let's go for it!

4) Would a weekend coaching program be a possibility?

Almost anything is possible, and I'm wide open, but there is a huge distinction between a weekend for the public, verses two days on a retreat with 20 professionals, designing and planning the future of their practices.  Let me know what you have in mind.

5) How large are your usual events?

My audiences vary greatly, so I'm not sure I have a "usual" size, but I'm comfortable around a conference table with 8 people, and in front of large groups.  The largest audience I've spoken to was about 15,000 people in Los Angeles.  When I do my own productions, my audiences are typically about 250 people, in a hotel conference room.

6) What are your fees and the costs involved?

I have a generous sponsor who is determined to get me in front of as many audiences as possible.  But, it's not a "free ride".  My sponsor wants to be flexible, and understands that being "flexible" can also be vague, but we do the best we can.  Here's the deal:

You must create the event and round up the audience.  You must pay my direct expenses - airline tickets, hotel room, meals, taxi, and so forth.  Here on the west coast, that could be as little as $500, while my last trip to Brazil ran almost $10,000.  The key is that my fees can be very low, so the variable is strictly transportation and housing.

You must also pay me whatever professional speaking fee your group normally pays other speakers, whether that's $50, or several thousand dollars.  Once you and I arrive at an arrangement, I bill my sponsor for the balance of my professional speaking fee, but this is not intended to relieve your organization of its normal obligations to your speakers.

This is getting way too long, so I'll wrap it up by saying I want to work with you, and I can be the "featured speaker" in YOUR production.  My suggestion is to use my visit to design the results that will create excitement and meet the most important goals of your audience.  Think about what you really want, then build around that.  I have a reputation for making meeting planners "look GOOD!"  Let's make it happen!

If you have specific questions, or are ready to choose a time, date and place, please contact me.  Let's do this!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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