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Philip E. Humbert, PhD

Author - Speaker

Personal Coach

Living Well:
The 10 Golden Secrets of Total Success!

Welcome to my newest, biggest project!  For over 25 years, I've studied successful people, I've read the books, attended the workshops, borrowed and learned and improved every idea I could find.  (I even got a Doctorate along the way!)  In my coaching practice, the ideas have proven to be incredibly powerful!  My clients achieve their goals and create the lives they really want!

It's time to write the book!

Initially, the book is being developed as a series of articles in my weekly email newsletter, TIP's.  The articles are listed below.  It's my intention to expand each article into a full chapter and complete the book  by the end of the year.   Until then, you can subscribe to TIP's and receive an article each Sunday evening, via email.  To subscribe, Click Here, and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

As you read the articles, your comments are invited!  How can the chapter be made stronger?  Clearer?  More practical and more powerful?  What examples would help you profoundly change your life?  You'll find a form to send your comments at the bottom of each article.  Obviously, not every suggestion will make it into the final draft, but your feedback is important! 


Chapter 1: Claiming (and living) the Life You Want!
Success, and failure, are not vague philosophical concepts.  They are the heart of how we live our lives, spend our days, and use our time, talents and energy.  Living well is about claiming our destiny, achieving our desires, and living with "no regrets." (Available soon.)
Chapter 2: The First Golden Secret:   Integrity & Depth of Character
Success requires balance, the ability to separate the "wheat from the chaff" of life.  Highly successful people know who they are, what they stand for, what they believe, and what they would die for.  There is no need for false fronts, hypocrisy or deceit.  "What you see, is what you get."  (Published in TIP's on 6-20-99)
Chapter 3: Golden Secret #2:  Imagination Rules the World!
Success requires the ability to see the future, to see solutions and imagine the things that are yet to be!  Successful people dream big dreams, they focus on things that have never happened, and ask "Why not?"  Success is not about surviving the day, it's about creating a better tomorrow.  (Published in TIP's on 6-27-99)
Chapter 4: Golden Secret #3:  The Power of Self-Discipline!
Highly successful people use their personal power!  They understand that the true meaning of "self-discipline" is to live according to their values while pursuing their  destiny.  They understand that ultimate freedom comes from living the life they choose.   They are in charge and they take action!  (Published in TIP's on 7-4-99)
Chapter 5: Golden Secret #4:  Undefeated Optimism!
Living well requires a positive expectation that every problem contains a greater opportunity, and that life is a marvelous adventure!  Successful people expect to win, they expect great health, wonderful friends, and a rich sense of personal achievement.  Life is good!  (Published in TIP's on 7-11-99)
Chapter 6: Golden Secret #5:  Planning, Strategy & UnCommon Sense!
Successful people know where they are going.  They revise their strategies when necessary, but they always know their next step.  They have a plan, and they expect to succeed!  They are smart, quick, determined and in a hurry!  (Published in TIP's on 7-18-99)
Chapter 7: Golden Secret #6:  The Power of Partnerships!
The poet, John Donne, observed that "no man is an island", and the Beatles said, "I get by with a little help from my friends."  Highly successful people live in a richly rewarding community of friends, family and colleagues.   They have valuable networks, and they nurture these relationships.  (Published in TIP's 7-25-99)
Chapter 8: Golden Secret #7:  The Ability to Work Hard - Effortlessly!
Unusually successful people work very hard, effortlessly!   Their joy, their curiosity and energy are enhanced by their work.  They know that "when you do what you love, you'll never work another day in your life"!   Their passion is to create and contribute, but they never "work"!    (Published in TIP's on 8-1-99)
Chapter 9: Golden Secret #8:  Patience and Perspective!
Success requires intensity, impatience, action and focus!   And yet, people who live extraordinary lives, never seem to be in a hurry.   They have time to "smell the flowers", talk with children, and wait for the seeds they plant to mature into a rich harvest.  They know that life is too short to be rushed!  (In TIP's on 8-8-99)
Chapter 10: Golden Secret #9:  Know the Rules! (And When to Ignore Them!)
Great leaders know that life has rules, and they are enforced without favor or preference.  But they also know that most of the "rules" are only current customs.  The winners in life have the creativity and daring to challenge conventional wisdom, without breaking the rules!  (Published in TIP's on 8-15-99)
Chapter 11: Golden Secret #10:  Attitude is Everything!
Unusually successful people know that "Your attitude determines your altitude."  They know that success, wealth and achievement come to those whose hearts are large enough to contain them.  They expect the best, and accept whatever comes their way, living each day to the fullest.  (Published in TIP's on 8-22-99). 
Chapter 12: Living Well Starts NOW!
Highly successful people know that the "good life" does not come from having things, but the luxuries of life are often the result of having lived very well, indeed!   Success is not "someday" -- it starts NOW!  Begin living with joy, enthusiasm and success immediately!  We'll show you how!   (Published in TIPs on 8-29-99)

Comments?  Suggestions?
Additions, Clarifications or Examples?
Your comments are welcome and will help make this stronger and more effective.

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