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Welcome to The Innovative Professional's (TIP's) Letter!
Sunday, May 4, 2003
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
2. Welcome Notes
3. Should You Have Written Goals?
4. Quotes of the Week
5. Strictly Business:  Are Your Ready for Recovery?
6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
7. Humor: Still More Bumper "Slickers"

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1. The One-Minute TIP

Have written goals, but never confuse your future
achievements with real life! Real life happens today. It
happens with the people around you, it happens right here,
right now. Ready or not, this is your life, and it is meant
to be lived to the full. Use goals; live life. Never
confuse the two.

2. Welcome Notes

We are packed and counting the days until we leave for the
World Class Life Conference. Several boxes of workbooks and
materials were shipped last week, and final phone calls,
details and arrangements have dominated this week. It's
extremely gratifying to see a dream become a project, and
the project become reality. As my father used to tell us,
"dream big dreams!"

Many people have asked how we automate registration for the
Conference and my teleclasses, along with mailing TIPS, the
e-books, reports and e-courses on the website, and credit
card payments. It's easy! Even a year ago, the programming
was expensive and complex, but as I've written before, Don
Schnure has systems that make it a snap! They are simple,
elegant, reliable and best of all - affordable! If you want
to add e-commerce to your website, I highly recommend him!
You can get info and even use the systems free for 30 days!
It's all at:  Check it out!

And speaking of bargains! (How's that for a lead-in?) I'll
be offering my Road to Riches personal finance class again
in June. These are tough times and people are looking for
help to manage their finances, earn more, spend less, and
invest wisely. With interest rates low, this can be a great
time for more sophisticated investments, but what's right
for you? How do you know? What are the risks? What are the
rewards? If your retirement funds are down, or if it's time
for you to be more serious about your financial future, I
hope you'll join us. For all the info and to register,  

Remember, you are always encouraged to forward TIP's to
anyone who might enjoy it. Your recommendation is how we
grow. Just hit the "Forward" button on your email, and
send it to as many folks as you'd like. Thanks!

3:  Should You Have Written Goals?

Over the years, I've written a great deal about setting and
achieving goals. The consensus seems to be that high
achievers "always" have a clear set of written goals, but I
don't happen to think that's true, and it may surprise you
that I don't believe setting goals is always a good thing.

Make no mistake, in most cases setting goals IS a good
thing. I have a variety of personal goals and I review them
frequently, discuss them with my wife, my coach and my
advisors, and re-affirm them every morning. In general, I
believe most people will benefit from thoughtfully
selecting a handful of important goals, writing them down,
and going after them.

Here are the major advantages of written goals:

1. They force us to choose. Too often, we want too many
things and scatter our time and attention among all of
them. Selecting a small number of specific goals helps set
your priorities.

2. They focus our efforts. By defining exactly what you
are going to achieve and writing it down, vague desires or
wishes become concrete action plans.

3. Goals attract allies. When people know where we are
going, it's easier for them to help us. There is great
synergy, power and enthusiasm in a shared goal.

Most people, most of the time, will benefit from carefully
defining their goals, writing them down, developing an
action plan and following through.

There are, however, risks to setting goals and for some
people, setting goals can be a dangerous thing. Here are
the major weaknesses of written goals:

1. By focusing our attention on the future, goals can rob
us of the present. Some people get so caught up in their
vision, that they forget to "smell the roses" each day.
John Lennon observed that "life is what happens while you
are making other plans." Don't let your dreams get in the
way of celebrating the present. Live each day and be

2. Goals can prevent us from seeing even bigger, easier or
more vital opportunities. Like blinders on a horse, we can
become fixated on our goals and miss opportunities all
around us. Some people are so determined, so ambitious and
so disciplined that they forget to consider the

3. Goals can become excuses. Some people set exciting
goals, then use their future achievements as an excuse to
avoid doing what they can and should do today. I've seen
teenagers so caught up the dream of becoming a "rock star"
that they forget to study. Some adults fall into a similar

Should you have written goals? Almost certainly. Carefully
selected, well-defined goals are the path to achievement,
fulfillment and satisfaction. But some areas of life should
not be "goal oriented". When it comes to personal
integrity, or spending time with loved ones, or celebrating
the miracles of daily life, these are not "goals", they are
simply choices.

Have written goals, but never confuse your future
achievements with real life! Real life happens today. It
happens with the people around you, it happens right here,
right now. Ready or not, this is your life, and it is meant
to be lived to the full. Use goals; live life. Never
confuse the two.

4. Quotes of the Week

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
                                         -- Theodore Roosevelt

"The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great
opportunity is where you are."
                                         -- John Burroughs

"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but
to do what lies clearly at hand."
                                         -- Thomas Carlyle

"The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they
attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation."
                                         -- Pearl S. Buck

5. Strictly Business:  Are You Ready for Recovery?

This week, the major fighting in Iraq came to an end and
with that, the stock market appears to have found some life
and even Alan Greenspan indicated that the end of the war
might create an economic up-turn. Are you ready to take
advantage of the recovery?

President Bush is turning his attention to the economy and
pushing for his tax cuts, and I suspect there will be a
thousand smaller, less publicized stimulus packages (what
some people call "pork") passed by Congress. With an
election coming, the Government will do everything it can
to stimulate the economy and at some point those efforts
will pay off. Businesses and individuals will begin to
spend. They will invest in equipment and training, they
will attend seminars, hire new people and invest in growth.
Will you be ready?

Whether you are in a solo practice, the owner of a small
business, or manage a global enterprise, part of your job
is to position yourself to catch the next wave. When YOUR
customers start spending, will they turn to you? When YOUR
clients are ready to build or invest, will you be there to
assist them?

For the past couple of years, highly successful companies
have focused on doing more with less. The growth areas have
been in strategies for tough times, reducing costs and
improving efficiency, and some of that will continue.

But I suspect that the huge success stories of 2004 will be
companies that were first out of the gate with new branding
opportunities, new products and services to help companies
and consumers expand in a growing economy.

Now is the time to position yourself as a leader in the
recovery. That may mean expanding your marketing budget,
investing in new skills or developing new products. The
future will definitely NOT look like the past and the
strategies of the 1990's will not work in 2004. You don't
want to be caught napping, still re-trenching when everyone
else is charging ahead.

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

   #1 The Road to Riches!
        by Philip E. Humbert, PhD

Accumulating wealth, investing wisely and retiring rich are
not "hard"! Living with the daily knowledge that you could
(and should) be doing better financially, is what's really
"hard"! We live in the richest time in history, and you
have a responsibility to manage your money well, for your
own and your children's future. We all know self-made
millionaires, people we went to school with or cousins we
grew up with. The secrets for accumulating wealth are NOT
hard! They just aren't taught in school and you won't learn
them on TV or from your neighbors. This class can help.
Over 200 people have taken the class, and the results are
amazing! Your investment is only $79, and the benefits
could be worth a fortune! Check it out, take ACTION and
join us!  Sign up today!

   #2  Transform Your Life!
         The Sedona Method

People ask me how they can 'really explode my success and
change my life', and after telling them there is no magic
bullet, I refer them to The Sedona Method(tm). This series
of tapes and workbooks is, without doubt, the MOST
successful, thorough and powerful program for taking charge
of your life that I have ever seen. I wish I had written
it! You can get a FREE initial tape to sample the program,
and for goodness sake, sign up for their free newsletter!
Their simple observation that, 'Happiness is free' opened
my eyes and was the beginning of a remarkable journey. Very
powerful stuff!

The program is not simple or cheap - you expected a quick pill?
It is comprehensive, orderly, and effective. Both Mary and I have
used it, and it works! Highly recommended! The Sedona Method works!

   #3  The One Minute Millionaire
        An 'Almost FREE!' book, CD & Teleclass

This is one of the most impressive books and concepts I've
ever seen. The more I see the impact it's had on my
clients, the more enthused I become! Please, do yourself a
favor and buy the CD (for $11.95) and get the book and the
classes free! They don't even charge for shipping! This is
a magnificent deal and the two-books-in-one concept is
sheer genius. Do yourself a favor, buy this, and buy one
for a friend. Buy one for your son or daughter - I believe
EVERY high school student should be required to read this
book. It's that good! Please jump on this and get your copy

7. Humor:  Still More Bumper "Slickers"  

A few weeks ago I published a list of these word-plays and
asked for more, and my friend Brent Gray send these along.
I love this kind of humor and if you have some, send `em in!
One of these days I'll assemble all I've collected and we'll
publish them in an ebook. For now, I hope these make you smile!

If it weren't for Venetian blinds it would be curtains for everybody.

We painted our floor with luminous paint, so now the florescent
what it used to be.

One good turn gets most of the blankets.

Two silkworms were in a race. They ended up in a tie.

Having children. What an heir raising experience that is!

Perforation is a rip-off!

A man worked at an orange juice factory, but he was canned
because he couldn't concentrate.

Another poor soul worked at a company making blankets. He
lost his job when the company folded.

There are three kinds of people: those who can count, and
those who can't.

Never put off to tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.

A man who smiles when things go wrong knows who to blame.

A bird in the hand can get kind of messy.

Golf scores are directly proportional to the number of

Don't use a big word where a diminutive word will suffice

If at first you don't succeed -- give up! No use being a
fool about it!


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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