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Welcome to The Innovative Professional's (TIP's) Letter!
Sunday, August 24, 2003
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
2. Welcome Notes
3. It's the Little Things
4. Quotes of the Week
5. Strictly Business:  Results-Based Management 
6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
7. Humor:  Totally Trivial Fun Stuff

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1. The One-Minute TIP

Success and failure are the result of small steps, taken
over time, one after another. Magnificent mansions are
built of lowly bricks, one on top of another. Marathons
are completed one step at a time. What do you want? What
sort of life would you prefer? You CAN have it, one day at
a time. But you must walk in the direction you want to go.

2. Welcome Notes

Last week I recommended taking the family to "Seabiscuit"
and many of you wrote to agree that it is a wonderful film.
Isn't it nice to support something wholesome and inspiring?
If you haven't seen it, do so. A great film!

The big event for me this week was Mary's return from her
annual trip to Colorado. Every year she goes back for her
mother's birthday and to get her annual "Rocky Mountain
High." She had a great trip and brought me back a bottle
of 18-year-old single-malt Scotch. (What a pal!) For my
part, I did lots of housework (don't want to fail in that
department), cleaned the yard and read Tom Clancy's new book,
"Teeth of the Tiger".

I don't think it's his best work, but it is a Clancy - a
good story, well-told, and very timely. Before summer is
over, pick it up, sit in the shade, put your feet up and
have a good read!

Finally, I don't know if recommending a website is going
to be a weekly tradition, but I do have another one for you.
Thousands of people have downloaded my ebooks, but for many
others this is "new" and unfamiliar technology. While I
love traditional books, ebooks do have specific advantages
and my friend, Michael Angier came up with a "Top 10
Advantages of Ebooks" that is worth a look. Read it at:

3:  It's the Little Things

In life, it's the "little things" that make all the
difference. We like to think that choosing a spouse or a
career or influencing our children is the result of
careful, well-thought-out decisions, but it rarely
works that way.

Careers grow out of conversations over coffee or beer or
lunch. They happen because we need a job or because a
friend has a friend in the business. Marriages grow out of
casual flirtations at a party or because a friend set us up.
The BIG stuff never starts with a bang; it starts as small
and only later do we look back, astonished at what mighty
oaks from tiny acorns grow.

Both achievement and failure are like that.

To get rich, make the small decision to save a few dollars
every week. Invest in safe, boring mutual funds, let
compound interest work in your favor, and there you go.
Unfortunately, going broke is just as easy. Make a few
small decisions to buy one of these, and some of those, and
pay the credit card bill next month. Over time, there you

To gain weight, eat a few extra calories every day. A
scoop of ice cream or an extra sandwich should do it.
Fortunately, losing weight (for most people) is just as
simple: Run or bike or hike a few minutes every day, skip
desert, have a salad for lunch and there you go.

The keys to success are almost NEVER dramatic. High
achievers might get up a few minutes earlier or make one or
two more phone calls every day, but that hardly qualifies
as "dramatic", does it? Winners train slightly harder or
slightly longer, but not so that anyone would notice.

Unfortunately, the path to mediocrity is just as ordinary.
Henry Thoreau observed that "most people live lives of
quiet desperation" not because they made big mistakes or
fail any great test. They simply make the same small
mistakes, over and over, day after day.

Here are some suggestions for small steps that create huge
pay-offs over time:

1. Eliminate the little annoyances. Everyone has their
personal list, and we tolerate them precisely because they
seem so "little", but they rob us of energy, passion and
confidence. If you need a new desk, buy one! If your
car's a mess (and it bugs you), clean it up! It if annoys
you, fix it.

2. Do one good thing for yourself, every day. Read a good
book or watch a video. Soak in the bath, or go for a run,
but do something enriching and satisfying and fulfilling,
just for YOU. Every day. It'll make you strong.

3. Take one extra step in the direction you want to go.
Rarely does "the good life" require courage or drama, but
it does require that we move in the direction we want to
go. Make one more sale, write a letter, make a call.
Exercise or read or play with the kids. Every day, do one
"little thing" that moves you toward success.

4. Invest in your relationships. "We get by with a little
help from our friends", and the love of family and friends
makes all the difference. And, once again, it's the little
things! Give her a call, write him a note. Invite a
friend to lunch, call a buddy to keep the friendship alive.
These "little things" make life more fun!

Success and failure are the result of small steps, taken
over time, one after another. Magnificent mansions are
built of lowly bricks, one on top of another. Marathons
are completed one step at a time. What do you want? What
sort of life would you prefer? You CAN have it, one day at
a time. But you must walk in the direction you want to go.

4. Quotes of the Week

"Inch by inch, anything's a cinch. Yard by yard,
everything is hard."
                                          -- Unknown

"Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most
people don't recognize them."
                                          -- Ann Landers

"It only takes one person to change your life - you."
                                          -- Ruth Casey

"The way we live our days, is the way we live our lives."
                                          -- Annie Dillard

5. Strictly Business:  Results-Based Management

There is a haunting quote from Edward Deming that one of
the saddest things in business is to "do with great
efficiency that which ought not be done at all." Too
often, our time and efforts are mis-directed and wasted.

This week I had a conversation with one of those rare
people who truly loves her work and have succeeded in
building a business around her core talents and values.
Unfortunately, she's doing more and more, while earning
less and less.

Like many professionals and managers, she is caught-up in
the joys and details of her work, and has forgotten to
measure the bottom-line.

In professional offices, this can happen when the boss is
so focused on excellence in their profession that they
forget to manage the business. One of my most common
coaching scenarios is the passionate professional
(Attorney, Architect, whatever) who loves their work, but
needs help running the business. They may be the best
professional in town, but their business is floundering.

It happens in larger enterprises where policies and
procedures or traditions have taken on a life of their own.
Employees (and the boss) end up doing their jobs and
working very hard, but not necessarily growing the business
or serving the customer in the best possible way. it's a
recipe for frustration and ultimately, failure.

Whenever we forget why the business exists and what our
MOST IMPORTANT RESULTS are, we run the risk of working
hard on things that "ought not be done at all."

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6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

    #1 To YOUR Success!
    An Audio Program by Dr Philip E. Humbert

I often write about your commitment to REAL personal growth
and a key part of any personal growth campaign is listening
to audio programs. Among high achievers, the term "university
on wheels" is a cliche‚ because winners are always listening
in their cars, while they exercise, or have free time. I'm
extremely proud of these tapes and love the feedback from
people who bought them, listened to them, and wrote to say
how helpful they are. If you are ready to make a real
COMMITMENT to personal growth, achievement and excellence,
listen to audio programs! They make a difference, and I hope
you'll give these a listen.

    #2: Attention Authors and Soon-to-be-Authors!

My friend and colleague, Randy Gilbert's first book was an BEST SELLER! Then, he coached my friend,
Kristie T., so that HER book became a BEST SELLER! Taking
your book from the dusty back-shelves to the top of the
list obviously makes you money and opens doors, but more
importantly, it gets YOUR book in the hands of people who
need it. It builds your reputation and creates far more
opportunities to speak, write, and create. Whether you
have a book and want more sales, or are just outlining a
future book, EVERY author needs this information! Randy
teaches you the secrets that will take YOUR book to the top
of the lists! If you have a book, you need this. If you
are about to start writing, I recommend it even more
strongly - you need these tools to be sure that, when your
book is completed, thousands of people will buy it! If you
(or a loved one) has a book - or dreams of becoming an
author - you should definitely have this vital tool!


High achievers constantly add to their "toolbox" of
information, skills and knowledge, and I've created this
site as a "one-stop-shop" where you can find the best
materials I know on the web. My clients and I have
personally used every resource listed, and you can trust
them to work, and to fulfill their promises. To lose
weight, stop smoking, or to expand your business and
dominate your market, it all begins with what you know and
how well you THINK. These tools can help!

    #4 Your Home-Based, On-Line Cash Machine

Every week I get emails asking how I broadcast TIPS, manage
my autoresponders and run my website, and for me there is
only one source for those services: Don Schnure at
1Automation. Over the years, I've used several shopping
carts and broadcast companies, but NONE have had the tools,
the reliability, ease-of-use and friendliness this has. It
simply works! (And, it costs pennies a day, far less than
I paid 5 years ago!) If you have a website and want to
start or build your mailing list, or sell products, or
generate affiliate income - and who doesn't? - I encourage
you to check this out. You can even use it for 30 days to
see how it can work for you.   Check it out!

7. Humor:    Totally Trivial Fun Stuff

These trivia nuggets were sent to me by Tracy Baggert and
as far as I can tell, they have absolutely no social value
whatsoever. But they are fun, so THANKS TRACY!

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

If the population of China walked past you in single file,
the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors.

Maine is the only U.S. state whose name is just one syllable.

On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the
Parliament building is an American flag.

The Bible does not say there were three wise men; it only
says there were three gifts.

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

The cruise liner, QE2, moves only six inches for each
gallon of diesel that it burns.

The words 'racecar,' 'kayak' and 'level' are the same
whether they are read left to right or right to left

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

There are two words in the English language that have all
five vowels in order: "abstemious" and "facetious."

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

Winston Churchill was born in a ladies' room during a dance.


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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