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Welcome to The Innovative Professional's (TIP's) Letter!
Sunday, December 21, 2003
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
Welcome Notes
A Time for New Beginnings
Quotes of the Week
Strictly Business:  Who's Your Mentor?   
Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
Humor:   The Truth About Hugs

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1. The One-Minute TIP

Take a moment to review and re-affirm your goals and chart
a new course. If you've wandered a bit off-course, so
what? If you've been tossed and blown away from your major
goals, note that fact, plot a new course and get back to
work. A New Year is about to begin, and the sun is coming
back! Start over, start again. Even nature says it's a
time for new beginnings.

2. Welcome Notes

What a glorious time of year! I was running errands the
other day and was stuck in traffic near a shopping mall, so
I turned on the radio and heard John Lennon's, "Happy Xmas
(War is Over)". What a magnificent song! I sat in the car
with tears in my eyes listening to the wonderful words and
joyful voices.

Unfortunately war is not over, yet. To the millions of
people all over the world who are caught up in war, often
far from home, lonely, hungry and scared, my fervent wishes
that the New Year will bring peace. In the New Year, may
you know the ordinary joy of being stuck in traffic,
working too many hours, and being irritated by noisy kids
running around the house. May 2004 bring peace.

Those of us who are blessed with peaceful neighborhoods and
the "terrible stress" of holiday shopping have so much to
be thankful for! Today, turn on some holiday music, fix a
special supper, turn off the TV and hug your kids. Call a
friend, or pause to be quiet and enjoy the moment. And, as
a favor, I ask that you light a candle as a silent protest
against the darkness in our world.

It seems awkward to shift gears and talk about business so
quickly, but please check the "Resources" section below.
Because of the intense interest, we've added a second time
for the "Alive, Awake and Aware" program and I think many
of you will want to check that out. I hope you'll join us!
There's also more info and you can register at:

3:  A Time for New Beginnings 

This is the time when almost everyone celebrates. Some of
us celebrate Hanukkah, others Kwanzaa or Christmas or one
of the other traditions, and almost everyone celebrates the
New Year - at least for business purposes. (Many people
around the world traditionally use other calendars.)
Whatever tradition you follow, this is a time for
reflection, renewal, affirmation and joy.

Personally, I don't think it's any coincidence that in the
Northern Hemisphere this week is also our Winter Solstice
which brings longer days, more light and the rebirth of
spring. No, I'm not advocating nature worship, but I am
saying that it's dark when I get up in the morning, and
it's dark when I quit in the afternoon, and I'm really
looking forward to warmer days and more light! My hunch is
that our ancestors felt pretty much the same way.

I understand that on his deathbed, the writer and
philosopher, Goethe's last words were, "More light!" and
on these dark winter mornings, I agree!

The combination of our traditional celebrations and the
start of a New Year make this a natural time to review the
past and preview the future. After all, even the sun is
coming back! (My apologies to our thousands of subscribers
in the Southern Hemisphere - your time will come in June,
and until then please bear with my desire for "more light"!)

Through the year, we work hard. We are busy and we have so
much "stuff" to do that it is easy to lose our way, to take
loved ones for granted and neglect our values in the rush
to pay our bills and get through the day. We need the
holidays to "make" us slow down, decorate our homes, share
time with loved ones, and remember our roots.

We need time to renew and to remember and to re-align with
our most important values.

Sometimes, we get down on ourselves for getting caught up
in life and we use terms like "failure" just because we are
so busy with daily life that we fall short of our goals.
That sort of self-judgment is not only a waste of time, it
can become a way to avoid starting again and moving in the
direction you truly want to go.

I'm no sailor or pilot, but I LOVE the reality that ships
and planes are off-course almost the entire time they are
traveling to their destination. Wind and currents and
human failures and the thousands of "little things"
constantly toss them off-course.

Isn't that how life really is? We have a destination, of
course. We have values and desires, and we know our
ultimate goals, but much of the time we are tossed by the
winds and current of life. We happen to be swamped with a
project at work, or an illness at home. We get caught up
in a hobby or forget to say "I love you" as much as we
should. That's not "good", of course, but I think it is
real life. We are simply ships and planes, doing the best
we can and being tossed around a bit.

The difference is that sailors and pilots are never
surprised or discouraged or "lost" because a gust of wind
knocks them off-course. They simply adjust and keep right
on going and (this is important) almost EVERY ship and
plane does eventually find the right harbor or land at the
right airport. We should learn from that.

This holiday season, take time to review and affirm your
course in life. Take time to shop and do all the "stuff"
you have to do - that part is important - but in the midst
of the hoopla, sit down with a pen and paper to review and
remember your roots, your loved ones and your values.

Take a moment to review and re-affirm your goals and chart
a new course. If you've wandered a bit off-course, so
what? If you've been tossed and blown away from your major
goals, note that fact, plot a new course and get back to
work. A New Year is about to begin, and the sun is coming
back! Start over, start again. Even nature says it's a
time for new beginnings.

4. Quotes of the Week

"Love is a passport to the impossible, so do not be
disturbed if the seas are sometimes rough."
                                          -- Lois Wyse

"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas."
                                          -- Linus Pauling

"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized
it sooner."
                                          -- Colette

"It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain
of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."
                                          -- Sir Winston Churchill

5. Strictly Business:   Who's Your Mentor?

Who is your mentor? Who teaches you the ropes, shares
the short-cuts and shows you the way?

This week I had several people contact me about coaching in
2004, which is a very good thing. But, I also had several
conversations with people who "don't need a coach" and
don't have any mentors. I noticed they didn't seem to make
as much money or achieve as many of their goals in 2003.
Is that you?

Over and over again, I'm struck that the real winners in
life always stand on the shoulders of those who went ahead
of them. Winners ALWAYS have mentors! They learn from the
experts and benefit from the success of others.

Sometimes they have a personal coach - and as a coach, I
think that's a good thing! But often they have informal
relationships with men and women who are willing to teach
them. Sometimes, mentoring comes in the form of a
"MasterMind" group or team.

One of my most valuable sources of information are the
seminars, workshops and lectures I attend every year. I
remember hearing a colleague say he wouldn't attend anymore
seminars 'because they cut the budget and (his employer)
won't pay for it anymore." How terribly short-sighted!

The cost of workshops is nothing! The cost of travel,
tuition and hotels is NOTHING if you learn one new idea or
avoid one mistake. The chance to rub shoulders (often
workshops do put you that close together) with the best and
brightest in your field is priceless! In 2004, "just do

Double (or triple!) your budget for books and seminars, for
coaching and teaching. Call the most successful people you
know and buy them lunch - and spend a ton! Take them to
the best restaurant you can afford, and pick their brains.
Hire a coach. Are there seminars you "might" attend in
2004? Register now! Make it a Christmas present or use
any excuse you have to, but make sure you get the "helping
hand" you need to make 2004 your best year EVER!

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

#1   Alive, Awake and Aware(tm): How Ordinary People
       Create and Live Extraordinary Lives

This is a unique a 10-week process to perfect an
extraordinary collection of resources that will help you
and thousands of YOUR friends, clients and customers
transform their lives! I've been developing the content
for about 3 years but it needs to be refined and if you
help, you get the material and a LICENSE to use it,
forever! For 10 weeks we will use the material, share
ideas, expand and enrich the process, and you will be
allowed to use the program with your clients, forever! If
you're a coach, consultant, trainer, teacher, a minister
or leader, this is for YOU! (You'll have an asset that
could make you money forever!) The group begins January 6th.

==>> AND... because of the intense interest from around
the world we have added a second time! The program will now
be offered at BOTH 2:00 PM and I'll teach it again at 7:00 PM
Eastern. Registered participants can attend either or both
sessions, AND we will record the calls so you can review
them at your leisure and listen to them whenever you wish,
forever! You don't have to attend the calls to download
the audio! I hope you'll join us today! Check it out at:

#2    Think Right Now!
        Get 10% Off on The BEST Tapes I've Found!

Mike Brescia at "Think Right Now" is doing a special year-
end sale this week. Many of you have purchased his audio
programs to increase sales, lose weight, set and achieve
goals or improve diet, health and fitness and you know how
good these are! My clients turned me on to these CD's
several months ago and I'm incredibly impressed. Now they
are on sale and I strongly urge you to jump on this! Top
achievers in every field listen to audio programs. They
imagine themselves winning, setting new records and living
the life they truly WANT, and they do it by visualizing
their victories in advance with the help of Mike's
programs. These are fantastic, both for yourself and as
gifts, and now they are 10% off. Grab these!

#3   The One Minute Millionaire
       An "Almost FREE!" book, CD & Teleclass

This is one of the most impressive books and concepts I've
ever seen. The more I see the impact it's had on my
clients, the more enthused I become! Please, do yourself a
favor and buy the CD (for $11.95) and get the book and
the classes free! They don't even charge for shipping! This
truly is a magnificent deal and the two-books-in-one
concept is sheer genius. Do yourself a favor, buy this, and
buy one for a friend. Every teenager should be REQUIRED to
read it in high school - It's that good!

#4   Make Money From Your Current Website!
       (It's getting MUCH easier!)

I'm a "raving fan" of this system that makes it EASY to
sell my tapes, register people for my classes, and create
my affiliate program, and I want to give you a free tour -
and you can use the system FREE for 30 days! The owner is
Don Schnure, and he has an amazing "system" for helping me
make money with my website and newsletter, without having
to be a techno-wizard. I use the shopping cart, the
affiliate program (took less than an hour to set up!), and
the broadcast modules. It's so cool! Click here for the tour.

7. Humor:    The Truth About Hugs

My friend and frequent humor contributor, Paul Vogt sent
these to me and I thought Christmas week was the perfect
time to pass them along. Remember the old "research" that
said we need like 15 hugs a day to maintain optimum health?
I never did find the documentation on that, but I'm
absolutely sure it's true! Hug someone today!

Hugs are non-fattening and they don't cause cancer or

Hugs are totally organic and no preservatives,
artificial colors or toxic residue

Hugs are cholesterol-free, naturally sweet, 100%
wholesome and non-allergenic

Hugs are easy to care for, they don't require batteries,
or tune-ups and are a renewable resource

Hugs are non-taxable, fully returnable and energy-

Hugs are safe in all kinds of weather

Hugs are especially good on cold or rainy days

Hugs are exceptionally effective for treating problems
like bad dreams, disappointments and blue Mondays

Hugs are good for people of all ages, shapes and sizes

Hugs may be considered "politically incorrect" (which
makes them even more delicious) but on the positive side,
they are FUN!

Give someone a hug today - you're almost sure to get one
right back!


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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