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Welcome to The Innovative Professional's (TIP's) Letter!
Sunday, July 11, 2004
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
Welcome Notes
The Wisdom, Power & Joy of Slow Change 
Quotes of the Week
Strictly Business:  The Economy of Going First Class   
Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
Humor:   Just Thinking

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1. The One-Minute TIP

When it comes to reaching our most important goals - peace
and prosperity, loving families, personal satisfaction and
the joy of living well, Mother Nature seems to know
something. She moves slowly and methodically. She does her
work in small increments, day by day, always moving
forward, taking her time and doing her work with exquisite
beauty. We can learn from that.

2. Welcome Notes

When was the last time you had a good belly-laugh? This
week I was watching both President Bush and Senator Kerry
on television and realized how long it's been since I saw
either of them genuinely having fun! I saw the President at
a 4th of July celebration and he came close - some
laughter, a little banter with his wife - and I thought
about how important it is for our leaders to model joy!

Yes, life is full of problems and dangers, but it is also
full of silliness and fun. This week a friend gave me a
great compliment by saying that I always strike her as
"peaceful", and I liked that, but I thought how much more I
want my life to be FUN!

Life is full of absurdity and irony. My dog entertains me.
My cat entertains me. Sometimes Mary even accuses ME of
doing silly things! (I'm quite sure she's mistaken about
that!) Years ago, Norman Cousins wrote about the healing
power of laughter and talked about renting classic Marx
Brothers and Three Stooges movies to ease his pain and heal
his cancer.

Life is short - have fun! Work hard and get stuff done, but
also remember to play hard, laugh out loud, and have some fun!

And, take time to read great books. I love reading - it
brings me joy and takes some of the mystery out of life. I
write a newsletter called BEST BOOKS in which I review a
wide range of books (and audio programs, videos and
seminars) that make a difference in life. It's free and I
invite you to subscribe. You can sign up by visiting: <a
(And be sure to invite your friends!)

3:  The Wisdom, Power & Joy of Slow Change

Remember the old saying that "haste makes waste?" We live
in a time of constant change and tremendous impatience. We
want solutions and we want them "NOW!" We want relief, we
want success, we want the future to arrive easily, cheaply
and soon!

And, at the same time, we want peace of mind, simplicity,
and release from the stress of modern life. My friend,
George Dubie, says, "hurry is the devil" and he's right. I
love the quote from Gandhi that "there is more to life than
increasing its speed." I think nature is constantly trying
to tell us this.

Recently, I saw a National Geographic on how change takes
place in nature and while this was not their major lesson,
here's what I got:

1. Rapid change is often marked by chaos, confusion, pain,
suffering and sometimes disaster.

2. Slow change is marked growth, beauty, evolution and
astonishing complexity.

Now, obviously those two "rules" don't always apply, but
here are my thoughts. Rapid change comes from things like
volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and floods. Yes,
change is quick and powerful and awesome. And, yes, there
is beauty in Mother Nature's power, but the results are
unpredictable and filled with unintended consequences.

On the other hand, slow change created the Grand Canyon,
Giant Redwoods, and the rich soil of the Great Plains.
Slow, methodical human labor created the great pyramids,
the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. In his
biography of Wilbur and Orville Wright, Fred Howard makes
the point that they were successful in building the first
airplane precisely because of their methodical experiments,
careful notes, exhaustive research and willingness to learn
from others. They took their time and got it right.

We've all know that fad diets and rapid weight loss often
lead to re-gaining the weight on the other side. The
healthy way is to change your lifestyle, burn more calories
than you consume and slowly, methodically (and safely)
achieve your desired outcome.

In the quest for "instant wealth", how many have fallen for
"get rich quick schemes?" In our "need for speed", how many
of us have run aground, crashed and burned, or rushed
headlong down the wrong path?

There is wisdom in the old story of the tortoise and the
hare. Remember their race? The rabbit jumps off to a
dramatic, frenzied start while the poor lumbering tortoise
doesn't seem to have a chance, but I'm sure you remember
how the story ends!

Sure, I want to reach my goals as quickly as possible.
Sure, I like going fast! Of course I prefer my high speed
internet connection! Who doesn't?

But when it comes to reaching our most important goals -
peace and prosperity, loving families, personal
satisfaction and the joy of living well, Mother Nature
seems to know something. She moves slowly and methodically.
She does her work in small increments, day by day, always
moving forward, taking her time and doing her work with
exquisite beauty. We can learn from that.

4. Quotes of the Week

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human
being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind!"
                                       -- William James

"Try not to become a (person) of success but rather try to
become a (person) of value."
                                       -- Albert Einstein

"How many cares one loses when one decides not to be
something, but (instead) someone."
                                       -- Coco Chanel

"Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right. Decide on
what you think is right, and stick to it."
                                       -- George Eliot

5. Strictly Business:   The Economy of Going First Class

This week, I was reminded again of how often entrepreneurs
try to build a business while running on "empty" in terms
of money, time, energy or creativity.

Specifically, I get calls almost every week from people who
would love to hire a coach (or an assistant or a bookkeeper
or whatever) "but I can't afford it." They are literally
starving their businesses to death!

Contrast that with successful business leaders who look
back with pride that "the first thing I did was hire.(fill
in the blank)." Whether you need a personal assistant, a
web designer, an accountant, or more sales staff, you
CANNOT AFFORD to cheat your business.

If you or your business need support, make the investment!
Maybe you need a housekeeper or better day-care for your
children. Maybe you need a personal coach, or someone to
clean up at night. Whatever it is, never limit your
business with foolish "economies." My grandmother called it
being "penny wise and pound foolish."

Here are two examples from my own business:

*** Normally, I fly economy class like everyone else. But,
whenever I have to do a presentation or public event the
same day as my flight, I ALWAYS fly first class if it's
available. It makes a huge difference! I arrive rested,
refreshed and much more productive. It doesn't "cost" - it

*** Similarly, this week we did another up-grade on our
computers and wireless network. Ken Almett does a wonderful
job for us and what he charges is nothing compared to the
freedom, confidence and productivity we get as a result.
The ROI (Return on Investment) is immediate and dramatic.

In your business, always go first class! (Not a bad idea
for your personal life as well!) If your performance and
results are lacking, find the problem and fix it. If you
need a coach, get one!

You can contact me for an initial consultation at:

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

#1    The Jim Rohn Leadership Event
        July 30 - 31st

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Jim Rohn has been one of my most valuable teachers for over
25 years and I hope you'll join me for this magnificent
event, and if you do, PLEASE join me for a private
reception or perhaps for breakfast on Friday morning. I
would love to meet you! Register at:
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No one has influenced me more than Jim Rohn. The man is a
genius, in terms of his insight and his ability to TEACH
and inspire others.

You will be inspired...
You will learn HOW to set and achieve goals...
You will clarify your most important VALUES...
You will set better priorities...

And most importantly...

You will learn to live a RICHER, FULLER LIFE!

I hope you will join me!

When: July 29-30
Where: Anaheim, California
What: Jim Rohn Weekend Leadership Conference
Why: To Create the Life You Truly WANT!
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the joy of this event. Just register for the Conference and
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time together) by visiting:

#2      Achieve Your Goals, Transform Your Life!
          The "Sedona Method"

People ask me how they can "really explode my success and
change my life", and after telling them there is no magic
bullet, I refer them to The Sedona Method(tm). This series
of tapes and workbooks is, without doubt, the MOST
successful, thorough and powerful program for taking charge
of your life that I have ever seen. I wish I had written
it! You can get a FREE initial tape to sample the program,
and for goodness sake, sign up for their free newsletter!
Their simple observation that, 'Happiness is free' opened
my eyes and was the beginning of a remarkable journey.
Very powerful stuff!

The program is not simple or cheap - you expected a quick
pill? It is comprehensive, orderly, and effective. Both
Mary and I have used it, and it works! Highly recommended!

#3    Think Right Now!
        The Best Tools for CHANGE I've Found!

Many of you have purchased these audio programs to increase
sales, lose weight, set and achieve goals or improve diet,
health and fitness and you know how good they are! My
clients turned me on to these CD's several months ago and
I'm incredibly impressed. I strongly urge you to jump on
this! Top achievers in every field listen to audio
programs. They imagine themselves winning, getting new
records and living the life they truly WANT, and they do it
by visualizing their victories in advance with the help of
Mike's programs. These are fantastic, both for yourself and
as gifts. Grab these!

#4    Got a Website?
        Earn Passive Income!

Over the years, I've paid lots of money for shopping carts,
autoresponders and systems that were supposed to help me
serve my subscribers and make money from my website. None
of them worked, or more accurately they worked, but they
were complex, confusing and didn't work very well. Then I
discovered Don Schnure and the amazing programs he's put
together. They work! They are powerful, EASY to use, and
they let me automate my newsletter, my affiliate programs
and my shopping cart, with no hassle! I love this! And, you
can use it for 30 days to check it out. Highly recommended!

7. Humor:    Just Thinking

About 20 years ago I lived in Colorado and wrote a column
for the local paper called, "Just Thinking." My thoughts
were never this funny so I thought I'd share these one-
liners from Paul Vogt. As always, Thanks! (And if you come
across humor, jokes or puns, please send them to me at:  I love this stuff!)

I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those
cell phones that everyone has clipped on. I can't afford
one, so I'm wearing my garage door opener. Now everyone
thinks that I'm cool, too.

I was thinking that women should put pictures of missing
husbands on beer cans!

I was thinking about old age and decided that it is a lot
like when you still have something on the ball but you are
just too tired to bounce it.

I thought about making a fitness movie for some older folks
and call it, "Pumping Rust".

I think I have gotten that dreaded furniture disease....
that's when your chest is falling into your drawers!

You know when people see a cat's litter box, they always
say, "Oh, have you got a cat?" Just once I wanted to say,
"No, it's for company!"

Employment application blanks always ask who is to be
notified in case of an emergency. I think you should
write, "A Good Doctor!"

Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use,
the bubbles are always white?

Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with
the hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?

Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with
their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it,
then put it down to give their vacuum one more chance?

Why is it that no plastic garbage bag will open from the
end you first try?

In winter, why do we try to keep the house as warm as it
was in summer when we complained about the heat?

Why do old men wear their pants higher than younger men?

How come we never hear any "father-in-law" jokes?

If at first you don't succeed, shouldn't you try doing it
like your wife told you to in the first place?

Why is it that men can react to broken bones as 'just a
sprain' and serious wounds as 'just a scratch', but when
they get the sniffles they are deathly ill and have to be
bedridden for weeks?


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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