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Welcome to The Innovative Professional's (TIP's) Letter!
Sunday, November 27, 2005
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
Welcome Notes
Reflections On A Full Stomach 
Quotes of the Week
Strictly Business:  Having The Right Tools   
Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
Humor:   25 Things To Know About Raising Boys

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1. The One-Minute TIP

While you're recovering from Thanksgiving and planning your
year-end celebrations, take time to think about how you
actually spend your time in relation to your goals. Think
about where your time, money and energy are actually going.
Are you putting your BEST efforts toward your MOST
IMPORTANT results? If not, make some changes.

2. Welcome Notes

I have been amazed and touched by the huge number of emails
from people who wrote about the injury I mentioned last
week. I'm doing fine, my Achilles seems to be healing
nicely, and it's wonderful to know I have friends all over
the world who are thinking about me. What a small world
this is!

And, as I wrote last week, never take your health for
granted. For weeks my injury was merely "annoying."
Sometimes it would get worse, but then it would feel better
and it was easy to procrastinate. Thank goodness I finally
went to the doctor before I did any permanent or serious
damage! Take care of yourself. Pay attention to what your
body is telling you. And for goodness sake, if it hurts,
don't do that anymore!

Thank you to all the people who wrote! I appreciate each of you!

Finally, last December I flew to Baltimore, Maryland and
spent a day coaching three young entrepreneurs who were
running a successful real estate investment company. I
loved their energy and passion, and this week I got an
update that they have started a whole new business selling
winter sports equipment online! Their website is  and there's a special
discount coupon just for TIPS subscribers. Check it out,
and I get no referral fee or anything, this is just a
really "kewl" example of entrepreneurship, youth and
enthusiasm at work. You guys rock!

3:  Reflections On A Full Stomach 

This week we celebrated our American Thanksgiving with all
the usual turkey, sweet potatoes and trimmings. I may have
consumed enough food for a week, but that didn't keep me
from enjoying turkey sandwiches and left-over pie ever
since. What a reminder of how blessed we truly are!

After dinner I took a nap, then read am article that
claimed the economies of both India and China are growing
twice as fast as the U.S. and western Europe. I found that
fascinating, and troubling.

I've always said that no one on earth works harder than the
Americans I meet and coach every week. What struck me is
the distinction between being busy verses being productive,
between working hard and actually getting stuff done.

Americans are incredibly energetic, almost frantic much of
the time. But too often, we are running without actually
going anyplace.

I've always said it is no surprise that first generation
immigrants make up a hugely disproportionate number of self-
made millionaires. They come to America with few resources,
often not even speaking English, but they work hard and
quickly climb the economic ladder. They're hungry, and that
makes all the difference.

After our Thanksgiving I was definitely not hungry. In
fact, I took a nap.

Now, I certainly do NOT believe Americans (or hard-working
people around the world) are lazy or ungrateful or anything
like that. There is NO criticism in this!

But there is a nugget for your consideration: People who
don't get the results they want are often focused on the
wrong things.

I think sometimes our wealth distracts us. I suspect that
our opportunities, our resources and options often keep us
from focusing on the few things that would actually yield
the most effective results.

While we're running errands, working hard, taking vacations
or playing golf, other people are focused and producing the
results I "intended" to get. Sometimes I'm simply "too
busy" to achieve my goals and that is ironic. In some
cases, it can be tragic.

While you're recovering from Thanksgiving and planning your
year-end celebrations, take time to think about how you
actually spend your time in relation to your goals. Think
about where your time, money and energy are actually going.
Are you putting your BEST efforts toward your MOST
IMPORTANT results? If not, make some changes.

Year-end and New Year's are the time to set goals and I
encourage that, but the key to ACHIEVING your goals is to
keep your daily focus on the specific actions that will
take your where you want to go. Let's not let Thanksgiving
dinner lull us to sleep.

4. Quotes of the Week

"A day will never be anymore than what you make of it.
Practice being a 'doer'!"
                                           -- Josh S. Hinds

"I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do
that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to earth."
                                           -- Pearl S. Buck

"A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not
discovered the value of it."
                                           -- Charles Darwin

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel,
stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."
                                           -- Sara Henderson

5. Strictly Business:   Having the Right Tools

This week, I had a conversation with a potential client who
is struggling because she "can't afford" the tools or staff
or even the marketing she needs to expand her business.
That scared me.

Far too often I see small businesses or new entrepreneurs
trying to grow their business of a shoe-string and
struggling as a result.

One of the great lessons in my life happened when a friend
"tricked" me into signing a lease I could not afford. Jim
was moving and needed to sub-let his old office in the most
expensive building in town. I suddenly had marble floors, a
magnificent view of the river, and beautiful brass
elevators, along with a monthly "nut" I couldn't possibly
afford. A couple days after signing that lease I had the
worst case of buyer's remorse I've ever experienced!

Then a remarkable thing happened. I started getting more
clients. They responded much more energetically to the work
we did, and within 90 days I doubled my rates and still had
more referrals than I could handle. I ended up hiring my
first associates and had the most profitable couple of
years I'd ever had to that point.

The difference? Better tools. I had the look and feel and
address of a successful professional. I had the space to
handle the additional traffic and offices for my
associates. Not only did my clients enjoy the atmosphere,
but I and my employee's were more productive. We had more
fun, did better work, and made more money.

As we come to the end of the year, what new tools do you
need for 2006? As a writer and consultant, my computer is
the only "factory" I own, and it's critical that it be
first-class. I want it to work every time I turn it on. I
want it to make me feel good, to make me creative and
excited about my work. That's why I ordered a new laptop
this week.

If you need new and better tools, make the investment.
You'll be glad you did.

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

#1   How To Make Highly Effective Presentations
       By Dawn Angier
       A Gold Mine of Practical Tips, Tools and Ideas

Regardless of how you define success, sooner or later you
will need excellent presentation skills. Whether you speak
to a professional group, or to friends, family or your
civic group, eventually you will have to present your ideas
and you'll need to be effective. After all, in order to be
successful at anything you must communicate your ideas to
other people.

That's why I am so excited about Dawn Angier's guide to
effective presentations. After all my years in the
business, I found it to be an absolute gold mine of
practical ideas, useful checklists, tips and reminders.
Whether your speak professionally, or only when you can't
get out of it, I urge you to buy and use this little book.
You'll thank me for it! Get it today (while you're thinking
about it) at:

And right now (while it's being announced) it's bundled
with two great "bonuses" from one of the world's best
professional speaking coaches, Burt Dubin. Burt is the guy
I rely on to make me a better speaker, and his bonus items
have been worth a fortune to me. Take action today and get
this powerful combination.

#2   Think Right Now!
       The Best Tools for Personal Growth I've Found!

Many of you have purchased these audio programs to increase
sales, set and achieve goals or improve diet, health and
fitness and you know how good they are! My clients turned
me on to these CD's several months ago and I'm incredibly
impressed. I strongly urge you to jump on this! Top
achievers in every field listen to audio programs. They
imagine themselves winning, getting new records and living
the life they truly WANT, and they do it by visualizing
their victories in advance with the help of Mike's
programs. These are fantastic, both for yourself and as
gifts. Grab these!

#3   Achieve Your Goals, Transform Your Life!
      The "Sedona Method"

People ask me how they can "really explode my success and
change my life", and after telling them there is no magic
bullet, I refer them to The Sedona Method(tm). This series
of tapes and workbooks is, without doubt, the MOST
successful, thorough and powerful program for taking
charge of your life that I have ever seen. I wish I had
written it! You can get a FREE initial tape to sample the
program, and for goodness sake, sign up for their free

Their simple observation that, 'Happiness is free' opened
my eyes and was the beginning of a remarkable journey. Very
powerful stuff!

The program is not simple or cheap - you expected a
quick pill? It is comprehensive, orderly, and effective.
Both Mary and I have used it, and it works! Highly

#4   Got a Website?
       Earn Passive Income!

Over the years, I've paid lots of money for shopping carts,
autoresponders and systems that were supposed to help me
serve my subscribers and make money from my website. Then I
discovered Don Schnure and the amazing programs he's put
together. They work! They are powerful, EASY to use, and
they let me automate my newsletter, my affiliate programs
and my shopping cart, with no hassle! I love this! And, you
can use it for 30 days to check it out. Highly recommended!
At least check it out and take the free tour!

7. Humor:    25 Things To Know About Raising Boys

The following came from an anonymous Mother in Austin,
Texas and was sent to me by my friend, Paul Vogt. I'm told
that the following are all true, although thinking back to my
own boyhood, I have no memory of at least three of them,
and therefore question their authenticity. <g> (And, would
someone  please send me the "recipe" for raising girls? I
suspect is it NOT all "sugar and spice!") Enjoy!

1.) A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000
sq. ft. house 4 inches deep.

2.) If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over
them with roller blades, they can ignite

3) A 3-year old boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a
crowded restaurant.

4.) If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor
is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing
Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough,
however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all
four walls of a 20 x 20 ft. room.

5.) You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan
is on. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw
the ball up a few times before you get a hit. A ceiling fan
can hit a baseball a long way.

6.) The glass in windows (even double-pane) doesn't stop a
baseball hit by a ceiling fan.

7.) When you hear the toilet flush and the words "uh oh",
it's already too late.

8.) Brake fluid mixed with Clorox makes smoke --lots of it.

9.) A six-year old boy can start a fire with a flint rock
even though a 36-year old man says they can only do it in
the movies.

10.) Certain Lego's will pass through the digestive tract
of a 4-year old boy.

11.) Play dough and microwave should not be used in the
same sentence.

12.) Super glue is forever.

13.) No matter how much Jell-O you put in a swimming pool
you still can't walk on water.

14.) Pool filters do not like Jell-O.

15.) VCR's do not eject "PB & J" sandwiches even though TV
commercials show they do.

16.) Garbage bags do not make good parachutes.

17) Marbles in gas tanks make lots of noise when driving.

18.) You probably DO NOT want to know what that odor is.

19.) Always look in the oven before you turn it on; plastic
toys do not like ovens.

20.) The fire department in Austin, TX has a 5-minute
response time.

21.) The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make
earthworms dizzy.

22) The spin cycle on the washing machine will, however,
make cats dizzy.

23.) Cats throw up twice their body weight when dizzy.

24.) 80% of men who read this will try mixing the Clorox
and brake fluid.

25.) 80% of women will pass this on to almost all of their
friends, with or without kids.

    a) For those with no children, this is hysterical.

    b) For those whose children are past this age, this is hilarious.

    c) For those who have children this age, this is not funny.

    d) For those who have children nearing this age, this is a warning.

    e) For those who have not yet had children, this is birth control


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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