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Welcome to TIPS for Extraordinary Living!
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
2. Welcome Notes
3. Predict Your Future Then Make it Happen
4. Quotes of the Week
5. Strictly Business:  Be Great in O-Eight
6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
7. Humor:  The Seven Degrees of Blond

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1. The One-Minute TIP

The woman who talked to me after my speech was justifiably proud of her achievements as a principal, and happy with that part of her life. But she was a bit embarrassed that luck, habit and momentum had played too large a role in her career path. If you’ve allowed habit and momentum to run your life, I certainly hope you have that same kind of good luck, but you can’t count on it. Take charge! Choose the life you truly want, develop a strategy to achieve it, and take action. This is your life. Make it a good one!

2. Welcome Notes

Good news! The TIPS archive is back! I archived issues of TIPS for several years, but since archiving was labor-intensive, I stopped doing it last spring. Recently, we’ve had several requests, notably from my friend and sales guru, Deb Mrazek, and so by “popular demand” the archives are back! If you miss an issue or just want to review, you can always visit the index at:  I hope you find them helpful.

On another note, I’ve been amused by the excitement over the “big game” this week! The USC Trojans are coming to Eugene for what should be a good football game with our University of Oregon Ducks. Because of a strange, probably genetic defect <g>, I’ve never cared much about watching other people play sports, but it’s obvious that my friends and neighbors are focused and “ready!” There are flags and banners all over town, and the stores are running low on snacks and beer!

If only we got as excited when our kids get an A in math, or when our schools score slightly better in history or music! But, obviously, I’m merely displaying my strange, warped perspective. Sorry about that, and Go Ducks!

3: Predict Your Future Then Make it Happen

I am frequently surprised at the “fuzziness” with which people plan (or fail to plan) their future. After a talk I gave on life planning, the principal of a large high school admitted that even at her level of professional achievement, she had never decided to be a principal, and had no idea where her life or her career were headed. In my experience, no one is selected to be a principal “by accident” and yet for her, it seemed like her life had drifted without her control.

Personally, I think that is both wasteful and dangerous. What if someone had offered her a job that paid well and sounded good, but didn’t suit her?

How many of us have found ourselves doing jobs we didn’t want, or living in neighborhoods we didn’t like? What are your own examples of “drifting” into situations that (fortunately) worked out, or (unfortunately) turned painful? We all have them.

This week, I’ve been reading two books that try to predict where we are going in terms of technology, our economy, health and culture. They are remarkable, exciting, and at times frightening, but they generally base their arguments on two fundamental assumptions. (I’ll be reviewing both books in my Best Books newsletter. If you’d like a copy—it’s free—sign up at: )

First, they assume that the future will tend to look like the present, only more so. They assume that trends and patterns continue over time, and so, for instance, they predict a continued focus on the environment. If your life continues the way it is, where will that take you? This is a vital question!

The second assumption is that people can and do change their minds. For a culture (or our planet) the future is to some degree unpredictable because people change direction. They learn from their mistakes and take corrective action. Nations and cultures, like individuals, respond to new information, make decisions and re-invent themselves.

You have that power! You have the ability to choose the life you want, if you are willing to do so.

Now, of course we can’t control everything. Illness and accidents happen. People do win the lottery, or fall in love at the most unexpected times with someone they would never have predicted. Stuff happens, that’s true.

But in the normal course of life, you can predict, plan and create an awful lot of your reality. For instance, you can choose the holiday celebrations you want this December. Some will choose family reunions, others vacation time. Some will have a huge Christmas; others a quiet Hanukkah celebration. A few will travel to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, while I predict the Humberts will stay home, watch Casablanca, and be in bed by midnight, like we do most years.

The point is, you are in charge of your life!

Ten years from now, your life will be a combination of the trends and patterns you see in your life today PLUS the changes you choose to make. Hopefully, much of your current life suits you just fine. Hopefully, you’ll choose to continue many of the relationships, patterns and habits you’ve developed to this point.

But I also hope you’ll CHOOSE some changes. I hope you’ll choose to up-grade some things, eliminate other things, and perhaps add a few new touches. There may be skills you’ll want to learn, or habits you’ll decide to cancel.

The woman who talked to me after my speech was proud of her achievements as a principal and happy with that part of her life. But she was embarrassed that luck, habit and momentum had played too large a role in her career path. If you’ve allowed habit and momentum to run your life, I certainly hope you have that same kind of good luck, but don’t count on it! Take charge! Choose the life you truly want, develop a strategy to achieve it, and take action. This is your life. Make it a good one!

4. Quotes of the Week

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”
                                      -- Steven Covey

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
                                      -- Unknown

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."
                                      -- George Horace Lorimer

“What's terrible is to pretend that the second-rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don't need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you're capable of better.”
                                      -- Doris Lessing

5. Strictly Business:  Be Great in O-Eight

Have you planned your vacation for next year? Have you set your sales, profit and income targets for next year? Have you made reservations to celebrate your anniversary, your son’s birthday or your daughter’s graduation?

If not, now is the time!

In a couple of weeks, the holidays will be upon us. People will be shopping, traveling, and doing other year-end activities. They will be focused on travel, parties and celebrations, then the new year will be here and we’ll all be playing “catch-up” after the holidays. NOW is the time to decide what you and your business will achieve in 2008. Planning takes time and work. Don’t let these weeks get away from you!

If you haven’t already done so, buy your 2008 calendars this week. I recommend a large wall-mounted calendar where you can see the entire year at a glance. Put it above your desk where you’ll see it every day, and begin by marking your most important personal days (birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and personal development conferences) in red.

And for goodness sake, don’t settle for a little red circle! Get a marker pen and color a great big red blob all over the day! These are the red-letter days of your life. Make it impossible to miss or forget them.

Then, use green or blue to mark the end of each quarter since these are the “benchmark” days to review your quarterly results, pay your taxes, and measure your progress.

Finally, use a third color for all the other important dates, like your company planning retreat, sales meetings and annual conventions.

Sure, you’ll also use a digital or other portable calendar for routine appointments, but plan for success and give yourself a huge, colorful over-view of the year at a glance. Give yourself every chance to “Be GREAT in O-Eight!”

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

     #1 Use a MasterMind Alliance to Achieve Your Goals
     Get the Support, Advice & Encouragement You Need
     We All Need a Little Help from Our Friends 

Every winning athlete, and successful business person has a team of experts behind them. How would you like a team of hand-picked advisors committed to your personal success? What could you do with expert advice, wise counsel, and a network of successful people at your finger-tips?

Back in 1935, Napoleon Hill wrote that a “MasterMind” group was the one essential behind every successful person he interviewed! And yet very few people create a Mastermind team to help them achieve their most important goals in life! Now you can! Most people “don’t know how” or they fear they “wouldn’t know who to ask.” Now, I’ve written the manual! I’ve create a “recipe” so you can create your own MasterMind whenever you wish! I’ve included suggestions for where, when and how often to meet. I’ve even included simple scripts to get you started. Check it out!

If success is important to you, you MUST have a MasterMind group to help you “get there.” Click for more info.

     #2 Think Right Now!
     The Best Tools for CHANGE I've Found!

Many of you have purchased these audio programs to increase sales, lose weight, set and achieve goals or improve diet, health and fitness and you know how good they are! My clients turned me on to these CD's several months ago and I'm incredibly impressed. I strongly urge you to jump on this! Top achievers in every field listen to audio programs. They imagine themselves winning, getting new records and living the life they truly WANT, and they do it by visualizing their victories in advance with the help of Mike's programs. These are fantastic, both for yourself and as gifts. Grab these!

     #3 Got a Website?
     Earn Passive Income!

Over the years, I've paid lots of money for shopping carts, autoresponders and systems that were supposed to help me serve my subscribers and make money from my website. None of them worked, or more accurately they worked, but they were complex, confusing and didn't work very well. Then I discovered Don Schnure and the amazing programs he's put together. They work! They are powerful, EASY to use, and they let me automate my newsletter, my affiliate programs and my shopping cart, with no hassle! I love this! And, you can use it for 30 days to check it out. Highly recommended!

7. Humor:  The Seven Degrees of Blond

So, obviously hair color has nothing to do with intelligence (even a bald guy knows that!) but my blond and very witty friend, Dolly sent these and I thought they were pretty cute. I hope you enjoy!

According to Dolly—I take no responsibility here—these are the seven degrees of blondness:

A married couple were asleep when the phone rang at 2 in the morning.  The wife (undoubtedly blonde), picked up the phone, listened a moment and said, "How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!" and hung up.

The husband said, "Who was that?" The wife said, "I don't know... some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear."

Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the mirror and says, "Hmm, this person looks familiar." The second blonde says, "Here, let me see!" So the first blonde hands her the compact. The second one looks in the mirror and says, "You dummy, it's me!"

A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment and when she opens the door, she finds him in the arms of a redhead. Well, the blonde is really angry. She opens her purse to take out the gun, and as she does so, she is overcome with grief. She takes the gun and puts it to her head.

The boyfriend yells, "No, honey, don't do it!!!" The blonde replies, "Shut up, you're next!"

A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of state capitals. She proudly says, "Go ahead, ask me, I know all of them." A friend says, "OK, what's the capital of Wisconsin ?" The blonde replies, "Oh, that's easy: W."

What did the blonde ask her doctor when he told her she was pregnant?
"Is it mine?"

Bambi, a blonde in her fourth year as a UCLA freshman, sat in her US government class. The professor asked Bambi if she knew what Roe vs. Wade was about. Bambi pondered the question then finally said, "That was the decision George Washington had to make before he crossed the Delaware."

Returning home from work, a blonde was shocked to find her house ransacked and burglarized. She telephoned the police at once and reported the crime. The police dispatcher broadcast the call on the radio, and a K-9 unit was the first to respond.

As the K-9 officer approached the house with his dog on a leash, the blonde ran out on the porch, shuddered at the sight of the cop and his dog, then sat down on the steps. Putting her face in her hands, she moaned, "I come home to find all my possessions stolen. I call the police for help, and they send me a BLIND policeman."


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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