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Welcome to TIPS for Extraordinary Living!
Sunday, April 6, 2008
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
2. Welcome Notes
3. Getting the Right Stuff Done
4. Quotes of the Week
5. Strictly Business: Leverage Your Hidden Assets
6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
7. Humor: Steve Wright-isms

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1. The One-Minute TIP

This is your life. Don’t blow it! It’s been said that time is the only resource any of us truly has, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Work as hard and as much as you choose, then quit! Work can be rewarding and delightful, but don’t let it be an addiction. Earning money, building our businesses and “getting ahead” are things we DO, not something we ARE. Remember the distinction.

2. Welcome Notes

Our World Class Life Conference is just five weeks away! Registration is almost full, and we have more international participants than ever—we have people from England, Holland, Australia and China! I’m thrilled!

If this is something you “should” do, I hope you’ll take immediate action. Reserve your space! Visit the website, sign up and give yourself a tremendous gift. You get three days of wonderful material, great speakers, powerful strategies and perhaps most importantly, time and tools to create the life you really want. Too often we hold back. We tell ourselves we “can’t afford it” or we “don’t have the time” or even worse, “I don’t deserve it!” (Of course your do!) If you’ve been waiting for your chance, this is it.

Join us. Register at: 

And now for a totally personal endorsement. After our favorite movie rental place closed, Mary and I recently joined Netflix. It’s only been a few weeks, but so far, it’s been great! No hassles. We love the selection and so far the movies arrive on time. This is not an “affiliate program” and I get no reward, just thought I’d pass along one of those “good things.” I was skeptical, but so far it’s working and we like it. 

3:  Getting the Right Stuff Done

A while back the news program, “60 Minutes,” did a segment on Americans working “24/7.” They showed a couple where the wife has the “bare minimum” of two cell phones, and the husband multi-tasks all day long, talking with several people, working on his computer and exchanging emails, all at once.

Like most people, I want to get more done, and as a coach I love helping my clients achieve more, earn more, and live better. It’s all in a day’s work, and it’s fun! But too often the strategy people use to “get there” is to work more or harder and, unfortunately, it almost never works. How can such an ineffective strategy be so seductive? Why do we live this way?

Whatever happened to the vision of “leisure time?” Whatever happened to the day when “labor saving devices” would do our work for us? What in the world happened?!

Far too many of us consider a 60, 70, or even 80 hour work week to be the expected standard. Whatever happened to the 40-hour week our parents and grandparents fought for? Read the statistics. Most of us are sleep-deprived. Most of us are in debt. Most of us have high blood pressure, headaches, ulcers or other stress-related discomfort. Diabetes, associated with life-style choices, is becoming epidemic. How did this happen?

How can we change it?

There are no easy answers. We value the income that we think will only come with hard work, long days, and busy lives. That’s such a tempting path! But, I think we can manage our lives much better, and some steps in that direction are actually easy and fun. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Learn to say no. Too often we think we “must” explore every invitation or opportunity that comes our way, and that’s a mistake. We get endless invitations! You can stay out all night, work all day, travel, do good and important things every hour of the day. But is that how you really want to live your life? Learn to say no, even to good and wonderful things.

2. Spend less than you make. Remember the old saying, “time is money?” It works the other way around, too. If you spend less, you’ll immediately be less busy and less stressed. When money is not a “problem,” time management gets easier, too.

3. Live your values. Every day, review the things that are vital to you. Re-write your vision or purpose statement, talk it over with your spouse, make a recording describing the life you truly want (NOT just the stuff you’d like to own!), then listen to it every morning.

4. Have a plan. Every morning review your schedule, make a list, write stuff down. Then cross off a few items. They aren’t that important, you won’t get them done anyway, and you’ll have more fun. Be honest. Plan wisely. Do the things you want to do, with very few “have to’s.” Life’s better that way.

5. Have more fun. Meditate or dance every day. Laugh out loud. Leave love notes or send a text message to your kids. Be sure to hug and kiss and tease and play with the people you love. It’ll remind you what you’re working for.

6. Use time management. Practice “single handling.” Work standing up. Put time limits on meetings, calls and activities. Close your office door so you can concentrate. At least twice a year read a book or take a seminar to remind yourself of the life you want. Get very, very GOOD at this!

This is your life. Don’t blow it! It’s been said that time is the only resource any of us truly has, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Work as hard and as much as you choose, then quit! Work can be rewarding and delightful, but don’t let it be an addiction. Earning money, building our businesses and “getting ahead” are things we DO, not something we ARE. Remember the distinction.

      If you want to stop “running faster and living less”
      join us for the World Class Life Conference in May.
      Take time to relax, renew, and re-commit to your
      most important goals. Focus on practical STRATEGIES
      to create and LIVE the life you truly want. But act
      quickly! Space is limited and we always fill up.

4. Quotes of the Week

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
                                      -- Norman Vincent Peale

"It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning."
                                      -- Claude Bernard

"Everything is so dangerous that nothing is really very frightening."
                                      -- Gertrude Stein

"Love is a passport to the impossible, so do not be disturbed if the seas are sometimes rough."
                                      -- Lois Wyse

5. Strictly Business:  Leverage Your Hidden Assets

Every business contains a wealth of undiscovered and unused assets, and often the value of having a coach is in helping the owner or manager utilize those assets far more profitably.

Your database of customers and clients, even your list of competitors, are incredibly valuable assets! How could you expand your network, or your community, and provide value to these people? Find the answer, and watch your business explode!

Here’s a small example from one of my clients. A Chiropractor routinely closed her office each evening and the building sat empty. By allowing other professionals (her colleagues and her "competition") to use the building for workshops and seminars, she earned a small amount of rent, but more importantly, those people were advertising her location and building her reputation in the community. The synergy proved extremely profitable!

Thousands of businesses have discovered the value of “joint venturing” by allowing another business to announce a special service to their current customers. Others have discovered new markets or new uses for established products and seen their sales skyrocket!

What assets are you sitting on? What tools, knowledge or skills are not being shared with the world and not being used to expand your profits and enhance your community? Find those hidden assets and put them to work!

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

     #1 Your World Class Life!
     With Dr Philip E. Humbert
     May 15-17th in Green Lake, Wisconsin 

Is your life working the way you planned? Are your biggest dreams and most exciting ambitions still sitting on the shelf, waiting for “someday?” Are you stuck or frustrated, or letting time and chance and other people make decisions about your life, and your future? Is it time to do something about that? This is for you!

Join me for three days in May where the focus will be on designing, creating and living the life you truly want! Top achievers are not different or born under a lucky star. They simply KNOW what they want, create SYSTEMS to achieve it, and then follow a road-map to success.

This is for YOU! It is a Conference entirely focused on helping you design your ideal life, and create systems and plans and skills to make it happen. Living well is an art, but there is also a science to it. There are skills and habits that highly successful people use, and you can learn them! Don't miss this! “Seize the day” and let this be the opportunity that changes everything! 

     #2 Use a MasterMind Alliance to Achieve Your Goals
     Get the Support, Advice & Encouragement You Need
     We All Need a Little Help from Our Friends 

Every winning athlete, and successful business person has a team of experts behind them. How would you like a team of hand-picked advisors committed to your personal success? What could you do with expert advice, wise counsel, and a network of successful people at your finger-tips?

Back in 1935, Napoleon Hill wrote that a “MasterMind” group was the one essential behind every successful person he interviewed! And yet very few people create a Mastermind team to help them achieve their most important goals in life! Now you can! Most people “don’t know how” or they fear they “wouldn’t know who to ask.” Now, I’ve written the manual! I’ve create a “recipe” so you can create your own MasterMind whenever you wish! I’ve included suggestions for where, when and how often to meet. I’ve even included simple scripts to get you started. Check it out!

If success is important to you, you MUST have a MasterMind group to help you “get there.” Click for more info.

     #3 Got a Website?
     Earn Passive Income! 

Over the years, I've paid lots of money for shopping carts, autoresponders and systems that were supposed to help me serve my subscribers and make money from my website. None of them worked, or more accurately they worked, but they were complex, confusing and didn't work very well. Then I discovered Don Schnure and the amazing programs he's put together. They work! They are powerful, EASY to use, and they let me automate my newsletter, my affiliate programs and my shopping cart, with no hassle! I love this! And, you can use it for 30 days to check it out. Highly recommended!

7. Humor: Steve Wright-isms

My friend and sales guru, Deb Mrazek, sent these to me. Deb has been a friend and we’ve had a sort of “mutual admiration society” going since she attended my World Class Life Conference a few years ago. She’s joining us again this year and you can visit her website at:

If you're not familiar with the work of Steven Wright, he's the scientist who once said: "I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen and replaced by exact duplicates!" His mind  tends to see things a bit differently than the rest of us. Here are some of his gems:

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back.

42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

I almost had a psychic girlfriend, but she left me before we met.

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink?

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

I intend to live forever; so far, so good.

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your
horn louder."

Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread.

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required to be on it.

Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film.


   Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have
   a wonder-FULL week!


Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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