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Welcome to TIPS for Extraordinary Living!
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
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Table of Contents:

1. The One-Minute TIP
2. Welcome Notes
3. On the Road Again!
4. Quotes of the Week
5. Strictly Business: Investing for Success
6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!
7. Humor: From Will Rogers

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1. The One-Minute TIP

From time to time, get out of your office and familiar
neighborhood. Break the routine. Think the unthinkable and
enjoy the improbable. Stir the pot and mix things up. Stay
up all night in Vegas or have breakfast with the farmers in
Missouri. See the world through someone else's eyes. I think
you'll like the results.

2. Welcome Notes

First, thanks to all the folks who sent emails and greetings
during our recent cross-country trip. It's good to know we
have "friends in high places" and we were missed! That's
wonderful and feels nice!

Second, of course it's nice to be back. It's nice to sleep
in our own bed, sit in my own office, do my work and enjoy
coffee made just the way we like it in the morning. It's
nice to have Tucker at my feet as I work and enjoy the
thousand "little things" that make this home.

And to the wonderful people who joined us for the World
Class Life Conference from all over America, from Germany
and Canada, and of course to the wonderful staff in Green
Lake, Thank You! It was fun in a hundred different ways, but
one of the nicest comments was a woman who exclaimed, "It's
easy to see you really do enjoy helping people achieve their
dreams!" I do enjoy that, and I hope it shows, but it's
always nice to have someone say it out loud. I'm still
grinning from that! (Sometimes we are very, very well-paid
for our work!)

Finally, several folks at the WCL conference signed up for
our 12-month "Get 'er Done in 2010" program and I want to
cordially invite anyone else who is interested to sign up.
We're half-way through the yearóare you half-way to
achieving your goals and making this your "Best Year Ever"?
If not, or if you'd like some encouragement and support to
stay on-course and finish the year strong, join us! The info
and registration link are at: 
We'd love to have you with us!

3: On the Road Again!

On the road again -
Just can't wait to get on the road againÖ
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein things that I may never see again.

My apologies to Willie Nelson for messing with his lyrics,
but they exactly fit my mood after Mary and I drove 5600
miles to the World Class Life conference and back. The
beauty and expanse of America is amazing! We just missed six
inches of hail in Colorado, but enjoyed three days of
mountain majesty, still covered in white. The plains
cooperated by lowering the wind levels in order to show off
the endless vistas, vast fields, and of course, the
sunrises! (That Mother Nature created such a magnificent
show just for us is a bit humbling!)

From the curious looks, raised eyebrows and comments we
received, I gather driving across country is not everyone's
idea of a good time. Several people asked if it wasn't
"exhausting." Others asked what we talked about, didn't we
get bored, and one bold soul even asked, "How do you stand
it?!" The simple answer is, "We're wired differently."

And I hope you are, too!

I understand that driving several thousand miles in 18 days
is not for everyone, especially if you travel with children,
have a bad back or just don't enjoy it. That's fine. But
for us, there's magic in it.

We've taken long road trips about every five years, and this
was actually the shortest of them. There's something about
long days in the car that gives us time to talk, a chance to
breath new air, stretch the imagination and find ourselves.
Something about big skies makes us happy. One plowed field
in Kansas stretched to the horizon and measured eight miles
long! What does that say about stretching my definition of
happiness? Or thinking bigger about my business? Or
expanding my reach?

We met a waitress in Idaho who was unhappy because someone
had been fired, so she had to work a double-shift then be
back for the breakfast rush. We talked about the paradox of
work--no one likes it, but everyone loves the benefits of a
big payday. She laughed, admitted we might be right, and we
left her a good tip. I hope we made her shift a bit shorter
and her feet hurt a bit less.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, I enjoyed my first Walleyed Pike
in many months, and in southern Illinois we had grits for
breakfast. We saw lots of closed store-fronts and met folks
who were friendly and optimistic anyway. We saw huge
tractors (mostly John Deere green, which made me happy) and
snow-covered mountains in the morning sun. In Colorado
there's a store that hasn't raised their price for coffee in
over twenty-five years. (They have a milk jug by the pot and
you put in "a nickel for a small, a dime for a large." On
the honor system.)

In Nebraska, I visited my first Indian motorcycle shop,
enjoyed a cigar with some big ol' bikers and wondered at the
beauty of machinery-as-art. Magnificent! (I told Mary our
next trip might be by motorcycle. She seemed skeptical.)

So what's my point, beyond celebrating America?

First, take time for some "wild and crazy things." Whatever
"floats your boat," go for it! If it's driving across
country or visiting galleries in Soho, or listening to jazz
in New Orleans, or rafting in the Grand Canyon, follow your
bliss. Life's short. Do it now.

Second, do things that stretch your imagination and renew
your spirit. It doesn't matter what it is. I love attending
conferences and workshops, hearing new things and meeting
new people. I love long drives and new vistas. Hikes in the
mountains and walks on the beach seem to work, too. These
things wake me up and do me good.

From time to time, get out of your office and familiar
neighborhood. Break the routine. Think the unthinkable and
enjoy the improbable. Stir the pot and mix things up. Stay
up all night in Vegas or have breakfast with the farmers in
Missouri. See the world through someone else's eyes. I think
you'll like the results.

4. Quotes of the Week

"Better than a thousand useless words is one single word
that gives peace."
-- Buddha

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
to improve the world."
-- Anne Frank

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my
chief duty to accomplish small tasks, as if they were great
and noble."
-- Helen Keller

"Somewhere along the line we discover who we really are, and
then make our real decisions for which we are responsible.
Make that decision primarily for yourself because you can
never really live anyone else's life.Ē
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

5. Strictly Business: Investing for Success

I recently read Thomas Friedman's new book, "The World Is
Flat" (which is excellent) and one of the things he hits
hard is the need to do business in the "real" world, the way
the world and the markets are today. Too often, we try to do
business the way things were "in the old days" or last month
when we designed our new marketing campaign. Too often, it
doesn't work our well.

The Conference Center at Green Lake is a good example. For
40 years they had a great thing. They had a steady, loyal
customer base, a tremendous physical plant, and a marketing
engine that ran on auto-pilot. Then things changed.

In the 1980's their demographics changed. Their physical
plant was aging and no longer suited the new customer base.
The customers they had always counted on wanted more
"impressive" locations, and they had no installed marketing
systems to replace those lost customers. They nearly went

They tell me the secret of their success was two-fold:

1. They invested millions in new accommodations and
technology. They up-dated the guest rooms, added another
golf course, and began marketing aggressively to both their
traditional customers (never forget your base!) and to
organizations and groups they had never considered before.

2. They "installed" a new attitude! They had always been
friendly, but they began making sure every guest (every
single, particular guest) was treated graciously. It
required new training, and new incentives, and it worked.

One small example: they added a shuttle service from the
nearest airport. For the cost of a van and part-time driver,
they added thousands of visitors per year!

Most TIPS subscribers run much smaller enterprises, but what
are the comparisons in your business? Where do you need to
up-grade? Where do you need to persuade your customers that
they are "king?" New marketing materials, new technology,
and new attitudes can make all the difference.

6. Resources and Tools for YOUR Success!

#1 Get 'er Done in 2010!
Goals are Good.
Achieving them is BETTER!

Goals are good. And achieving them is better! But setting
goals then losing momentum or focus is bad, and getting so
discouraged we give up is a really, really bad thing! Never
set yourself up to fail! If a goal is worth doing, it's
worth designing a system to assure success and that's what
Get 'er Done is all about. If you've lost momentum, gotten
off-course, or discouraged half-way through the year, take
action! Do something about it, get back on-track and make
this your Best Year Ever!

You are invited to join us for "Get 'er Done in 2010!" I'm
so excited by the participation, feedback and focus of this
thing! It's wonderful! If you are already noticing your
goals for 2010 have cooled or you aren't as focused or
productive as you'd like to be, join us! It's not too late!
Check it out and join us at: 

#2 Use a MasterMind Alliance to Achieve Your Goals
Get the Support, Advice & Encouragement You Need
We All Need a Little Help from Our Friends

Every winning athlete, and successful business person has a
team of experts behind them. How would you like a team of
hand-picked advisors committed to your personal success?
What could you do with expert advice, wise counsel, and a
network of successful people at your finger-tips?

Back in 1935, Napoleon Hill wrote that a MasterMind group
was the one essential behind every successful person he
interviewed! And yet very few people create a Mastermind
team to help them achieve their most important goals in
life! Now you can! Most people donít know how or they fear
they wouldnít know who to ask. Now, Iíve written the manual!
Iíve create a recipe so you can create your own MasterMind
whenever you wish! Iíve included suggestions for where, when
and how often to meet. Iíve even included simple scripts to
get you started. Check it out!

If success is important to you, you deserve a MasterMind
group to help you get there. Click for more info.

#3 Make Your Website Work BETTER!
Earn Passive Income! 

Over the years, I've paid lots of money for shopping carts,
autoresponders and systems that were supposed to help me
serve my subscribers and make money from my website. They
all worked (sort of), but they were complex, confusing and
didn't work very well. Then I discovered Don Schnure and the
amazing programs he's put together. They work! They are
powerful, EASY to use, and they let me automate my
newsletter, my affiliate programs and my shopping cart, with
no hassle! I love this! And, you can use it for 30 days to
check it out. Highly recommended! (Full disclosure -- I earn
a commission if you sign up for 1Automation, but I've used
it for years and recommend it because it's worked really,
really well for me.)

7. Humor: From Will Rogers

Paul Vogt sends me lots of humor and always gives me a good
chuckle. Recently he sent this collection of quotes from one
of America's greatest (and wisest) humorists. I hope they
bring back memories and give you both a good laugh and
something to ponder. Thanks, Paul!

Will Rogers, who died in a plane crash with Wylie Post in
1935, was probably the greatest political sage this country
has ever known. Enjoy the following:

1. Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.

2. Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

3. There are 2 theories to arguing with a woman...neither works.

4. Never miss a good chance to shut up.

5. Always drink upstream from the herd.

6. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

7. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it and
put it back in your pocket.

8. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that
comes from bad judgment.

9. If you're riding' ahead of the herd, take a look back
every now and then to make sure it's still there.

10. Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier'n
puttin' it back in.

11. After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so
good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came
along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull,
keep your mouth shut.


First--Eventually you will reach a point when you stop
lying about your age and start bragging about it.

Second--The older we get, the fewer things seem worth
waiting in line for.

Third--Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not
me, I want people to know why I look this way. I've traveled
a long way and some of the roads weren't paved.

Fourth--You know you are getting old when everything
either dries up or leaks.

Fifth--One must wait until evening to see how splendid the
day has been.

Sixth--Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.

Seventh--Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with
sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today it's called golf.

And finally--If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you
won't have anything to laugh at when you are old.


Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
wonder-FULL week!

Philip E. Humbert, PhD,
Resources for Success!(tm)
President, The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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