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Philip E. Humbert, PhD
Author - Speaker
Personal Success Coach!

Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and
Live Your Dreams!



Seminars and Teleclasses


Since 1993, I've averaged at least 24 professional speaking/training events per year. About half of these are workshops produced by Resources for Success! and are held around the country. The rest are sponsored presentations that range from in-service trainings to keynote addresses for professional organizations.  

For information about having me speak to your group or organization, see my webpage (click here) or contact my be Email, or call the office at (541) 342-1030 during normal business hours.  

Scheduled Workshops and Seminars:
This year, I expect to present workshops and seminars (Including my tremendously popular, "World Class Life Conference" and "Build Your Private Practice Workshop") in:
  • Seattle, WA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Orlando, FL
  • Costa Mesa, CA

Why not host your own Customized Seminar or Workshop?
  • I work with you to develop custom presentations specifically for your group!
  • Small settings mean intimate and powerful learning!
  • Just one new tool could re-pay your costs over and over!
  • Groups as small as 8-15 can be quite economical!
  • Build your Practice Now! Work with colleagues for mutual benefit!

The Details:

  • Many Professional Alliances, small businesses, group practices, interest groups and even groups as small as 12 people can have a full day (6 hours) of training for an extremely reasonable price! (Note: It can actually be cheaper to have a speaker come to you than to take your team or group to someone else's location! Consider the many advantages and call me! You'll want to check into this!)

  • Business and Corporate Settings:  Companies often report investment re-capture in less than one month!

  • Independent Professionals:  Just one new client (you'll probably attract many more!) would easily re-pay your costs!

Call your friends, book a conference room, and
Build Your Business or Professional Practice NOW!

Ready to Take Action?   It's Your Move, and There's No Risk!
Click Here! to send Email and request a FREE initial consultation.


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