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Personal Success Coach!

To YOUR Success!
An Audio Program for Super Achievement
 by Dr Philip Humbert

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Read my 100% Money Back Promise!

 I am extremely PROUD to offer these
 Success Training and Motivational Audio Programs!



These audio programs contain the BEST ideas and techniques I've collected in over 25 years of working to help you create the life of your dreams! I wrote and re-wrote the scripts, gave them to the best coaches and most successful people I know and asked them to TEAR THEM A PART!

And my friends did exactly what I asked: Every bit of fluff, all the "second-best" and merely "good" ideas were thrown away, crossed out and actually torn off the page.  

I want to thank a millionaire friend and golfing buddy for that one! He tore two pages of my script into little pieces of confetti, then put them in an envelope with a note that said: "These were very, very good. About the best I've seen. You can do better. Start over. Your friend, B."  

So I did! When I knew we had the very best ideas and SOLUTIONS, we went to the studio, and did each of the 4 sessions in one sitting. I wanted you to feel the ENTHUSIASM and RAW EMOTION of these ideas! Because it's not just information or even heart-warming stories that change your life. It's PASSION and FIRE and GET-UP-AND-GO that create the life we really want. THAT'S what these programs are about!

These are NOT the dry, studio-perfect voice-over's you've heard from a hundred "motivational speakers." These are LIVE. You'll hear my passion.  Sometimes, you'll hear my humor! Always, you'll hear my enthusiasm and determination to give you TOOLS AND RESOURCES to change your life!

That's what these are all about. Many years ago, Craig Gibson took me aside. He was convinced that neither my paycheck nor my lifestyle were an accurate reflection of my potential. So, he gave me some old cassette tapes. I think he was surprised I actually listened to them! But I did and soon I was asking for more! Since then, I've never stopped listening to audio programs. He gave me books, a few more tapes, and we began talking about success, about goals and passion and about how to actually LIVE the life I really, really wanted! Years later, it's my privilege to put all that wisdom and all those SOLUTIONS in these programs, just for you!

THAT'S what has me so EXCITED!! These programs will Change Your Life!

But, please...PLEASE--DO NOT JUST LISTEN TO THEM! Buy them and listen to them again and again. As often as you can. 

I am absolutely certain that if you do, they have the power to help you achieve a level of success, happiness and personal fulfillment you've never imagined!  (Actually--YOU have the power and these programs will help you UNLEASH IT!)

What EXACTLY do you get?  Great Question!

  • How to Live with Vision -- YOUR Vision!

  • How to Live with Vitality and PASSION!

  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom -- NOW!

  • How to Simplify your LIFE!  Work Less & Achieve MORE!



Read What Others Are Saying:

"These are the first tapes I've ever ordered and I wouldn't have bought these except that I enjoy your newsletter so much.  Well, Phil, they are wonderful!  I've listened to them twice, gave them to my 16-year old, and caught her listening to them with her friends!  They loved them!  Thank you so much!" -- Cathy S., Madison, WI.


"Your ideas are so clear and powerful, and I love the way you come across so personally.  Nothing phony, just great information presented in such a loving, enthusiastic way!  Very effective!  A great value!" -- Mick G., New York


"Phil, I can't thank you enough.  I've read books, and listened to other tapes, and maybe I just wasn't ready, but as I listened in my car, something finally clicked.  It's been 3 weeks now, and I hear your words in my head, encouraging me every day.  Thank you!  Thank you!" -- Ann M., Seattle, WA


"I have shelf of tapes going back maybe 30 years. All the 'biggies' are there. Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, I've got them all and this is the clearest, most exciting and (importantly) the MOST HELPFUL of them all! Congratulations on a superb job! I will listen to it often." -- Bob D., Duluth, MN


 Read my 100% Money Back Promise:  

Buy these audio programs. Listen to them over and over and if at any time you don't feel they are worth much more than you paid, just let me know. I'll immediately send a FULL REFUND. No questions, no hassle, no delay. That's my promise to you.
               -- Phil Humbert
         President & CEO,
                                 The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.


We started with a "Beta-test" of 1000 SETS! I hoped they would sell quickly, but I was blown away! They were gone in 33 days! So we ordered 2500 sets to get a price-break, and are passing the savings on to you! I make the profit I expected, and you get the complete programs, all the information, for less! Everybody wins!


Ready to Order?
There is NO RISK with my Money Back Guarantee!

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